We Hear You - June issue

Readers respond to the June issue

by More.com Editors

Time to Voice My Opinion
I am thoroughly disgusted with your June 2010 issue. The photo on the cover with Sharon Stone looked so much like a porn cover that I could not read it on the treadmill at the gym. Then when I saw the nude bodies later in the magazine, I knew I had to voice my opinion. I thought MORE was a nice magazine with articles, ideas and style but not this trash. As far as I am concerned you can cancel my subscription. I do not have my account # at hand but you can cancel my subscription.
Sue G. Tucker
Houston, Texas

A Challenge

Dear Ms. Seymour, The front covers are beyond tiresome. If you want readers who are intelligent, curious, sophisticated women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc., to continue to be subscribers, I don’t believe you will attract us with nude pictures and silly articles about (not very bright) actresses. I suppose we could buy Cosmopolitan or something of that ilk if we like that sort of thing. I really would appreciate a cover showing Hillary Clinton, Sheila Bair, a current serious author or activist (all clothed). I realize that there must be a significant number of readers who like the current cover choices or you wouldn’t continue the trend.

I think I won’t be a MORE reader much longer unless your focus changes and there are enough other like-minded women out there also objecting to gratuitous nudity apparently as the main attraction of the magazine. I have had such high hopes for a publication aimed at my age group. Can you do better? I’m betting that you can.
Kristine Wood
PS I am 62, very thin, very fit, beautifully dressed (so I am told) and take great interest in looking good. (I actually think I look fine when I am undressed. But I wouldn’t appear undressed on the cover of a magazine if I wanted to be taken seriously.)

We Need a More Common Struggle
A few years ago I discovered MORE & loved it. I found inspiration in the articles about how life could be so free & different in my 40s. Then I had [a relative who was] addicted to meth. I am having a very difficult time relating to stories about women who have turned their passions into successful businesses. I know there are many out there like me, who have had to deal with this common phenomenon & are struggling. Please add some stories about real life that women are dealing with. Sincerely,
Kathleen Peck

Biggest Loser Disagreement
Publishing a story about a weight loss camp for seriously overweight people written by someone who is not concerned with her weight but just incredibly narcissistic about it (she mentioned her own BMI several times) was a real low for MORE magazine. I have subscribed for years and while I do not always agreed with the view points of the authors I have found it fun and stimulating to read. This article sickened me. The author, her mother and her sister should be ashamed of themselves-but they will not be.
Dena Broderick

This Issue is a Keeper!
I found the June issue to be the best I’ve read since I started reading MORE a couple of years ago. Each article was something I was interested in, particularly the article regarding bone drugs. It presented very important information in an understandable yet intellectual way. Secondly, I have always wondering about the Susan G. Komen Foundation and why it seems to ubiquitous. Now I know – another example of what the "power of one" can achieve. And having a Vietnamese daughter-in-law, I was particularly taken with the gorgeous photographs of Vietnam and the accompanying article. This issue is a keeper. Thank you!
Holly Campbell

Models Over Size 2
I have been a supporter of MORE magazine since the first issue came to Canada. As a size 14, 47 year-old female I have to say I am hugely disappointed in your choices of models in your magazine.

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I like the swim suites you show in the 2011 June issue. However, none of them show up on the websites listed. I have this problem frequently. I'd rather not waste time if the products are not available.

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