We Hear You - June issue

Readers respond to the June issue

by More.com Editors

I have noticed, especially recently, that yes your models are over 40 but do you have a requirement that they have to be a size 2 to 4? With approximately 30% of our population over size 10 why would you not have at least some models reflect that demographic? You must realize that EVERYTHING looks good on sizes that small but when you have a larger body size you have to be creative in your fashion choices. It would be really nice to be able to use your magazine as a guideline. Dove has a wonderful ad campaign that covers all shapes and sizes. Sincerely,
Deb Grantham

Embarrassing Cover

Dear Friends, Overall I love MORE, but for a magazine intended ‘for women of style and substance,’ your covers are getting worse and worse. I shouldn’t have to hide my copy so that my son or my husband don’t see Sharon Stone’s breasts! I was appalled and embarrassed by the June cover. I hope this is not your intention. I noticed the supermarket copies had a different, modest cover photo. I wish that was what mine looked like. I appreciate the attitude of being comfortable with our bodies but do not wish to receive a magazine whose cover looks more like Cosmo, and would be detrimental to leave around the house in case my husband or son were to see it. Sincerely,
Tina Matteson

Nice Balance
It was good you balanced the self-centeredness of Sharon Stone with the selflessness of Nancy Brinker.
Laurie Gehner
South Dakota

Wondering Whether to Renew
Hello. I am a long-time subscriber to MORE but I’m seriously considering whether or not I want to renew my subscription when it expires in October. Here are three reasons why:

1. The narrative of most of the content in the magazine is "I got married in my 20s, now I’m in my 40s, the kids are out of the house and my marriage is going to hell." There are legions of women that read your magazine who, after marrying in their late 30s, are trying to have children in their 40s. There are very, very few mentions of this trend in your magazine.

2. I was dismayed to get yet another issue of the magazine that features Jamie Lee Curtis on the cover. especially considering that the editors chose to put Pam Grier’s small photo on the inside alongside a small mention about her upcoming book. I’m not sure what the editors are thinking when they decide not to put a gorgeous 60 year-old cinema and fashion icon who’s hot off the heels of a successful HBO show and steamy tell-all book about her life as a celeb in the 70s on its cover in favor of Jamie Lee Curtis. What has Jamie Lee Curtis done in the last two or three years except star in yogurt commercials? Ms. Curtis must have an excellent publicist or a family member on MORE’s editorial board.

3. And, yet again, another Sharon Stone cover. Really?! "Gee, she’s sexy and outspoken" is the best MORE’s editors could come up with? This is just another re-hash of the same old "Basic Instinct" story, and it seems like MORE editors are the only people still interested in Ms. Stone. She hasn’t been in anything interesting in more than a decade.
Rena Jordan

My Inspiration
I just wanted to say that I get a lot of inspiration from your magazine. When I turned 40 I started 365 days of goals to improve myself and prove to myself that 40 can be the best year ever and it has been so far. I get a lot of ideas from your articles. I have done things to improve my family, my looks, my fashion, and so forth. I just wanted to let you know that I love the magazine. 40-years-old is so not old.
Polly Morse

More Goodwin Please
Ms. Seymour, While reading Jan Goodwin‘s article about Vietnam in the June 2010 issue, I found myself myself wanting to read more about her town’s battle over gas drilling. I live directly on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, and my husband and I frequently stay in B&B’s north of New Hope, PA. I love those beautiful small towns and, like Ms. Goodwin, dream of retiring there.

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I like the swim suites you show in the 2011 June issue. However, none of them show up on the websites listed. I have this problem frequently. I'd rather not waste time if the products are not available.

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