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by More.com Editors

Many people in this area are completely unaware of the Marcellus shale and the potential poisoning of the aquifers that "fracking" presents. With the recent oil spill, people need to also know about the dangers of alternatives as well.
Victoria Mikus

New Faces
Hi there, I am a healthy, active, attractive, 43-year-old that lives in a wonderful community that prides itself on being active. I recently came across your magazine while waiting for a doctor’s. appointment. I was rather intrigued to see a magazine targeted at my age range. I have to admit however, I was instantly turned off by the barrage of ads that featured 20 something year old women. One after another.

I realize you can’t completely control what ads you receive (I myself am a graphic designer that has submitted many an ad to national magazines). I also realize that your average viewer is in a constant search for a product to preserve her youth. But really – seeing all these completely nubile faces, with not even being a decade close to having a tiny wrinkle just seemed to emphasize the fact of my age (and believe me, I have taken pretty good care of myself, but there is a limit to what an average 40+ year old can look like without constant professional help). I personally feel much more comfortable looking at advertisements or catalogs that are really speaking to their audience, ie using models that might be slightly more mature, but have, of course, aged well.

I appreciate you making an attempt to speak to the 40+ audience, but having ads such as I saw, seemed to undermine what you are trying to do, and really seemed to reduce the credibility of MORE. Good luck with your future endeavors,
Durango, Colorado

Stop the Pink
I am sick of pink! Especially when I think of all the women I know (and don’t know) who are suffering from so many other cancers. It is admirable the attention Nancy Brinker has brought to Breast Cancer awareness and we should keep the awareness going. However, the ridiculous, over the top saturation everywhere is overshadowing the other cancers that women are dealing with. A close relative of mine was diagnosed last month with terminal Leukemia. My best friend’s sister, who was 41, died in February of Bone Cancer and my neighbor who was 54 died last year of Pancreatic Cancer. Cancer (not breast cancer) is affecting everyone every day. Stop the pink  and start purple which is the universal color for all cancer awareness.
Andrea Bach

Thumbs up to Nancy Brinker
Dear Ms. Seymour, Editor-in-Chief, More magazine, Congratulations on your More magazine for women. I enjoyed your June 2010 publication. Compliments on your article paying appropriate tribute to the work of Nancy Brinker [on] Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She is to be commended for her efforts and major contributions in exploring breast cancer and research. Her heart is definitely in the right place.

Having been in the healthcare/wellness space for the past 30 years I have had the opportunity to work with many men and women who have been challenged by all manners and forms of health issues, including the various forms of cancer. In my experience I have found that the women who are the most successful at reversing and preventing cancer, including breast cancer, appear to be more open to considering a more encompassing paradigm of health and healing than what western medicine (medical model: surgical and pharmacological intervention) offers at this time.
Best in Health!
Dr. Stephen Bizal
Washington, D.C.

Style and Substance
I usually let magazine issues sit for a few weeks, saving them for weekends or vacations or any time I have a few spare moments. For some reason, I grabbed the June issue as soon as it arrived. The article your magazine ran on former nuclear physicist and DNA pathologist Colleen Fitzpatrick (page 42) completely enthralled me…Thank you, More magazine, for featuring someone who truly is a woman of style and substance, as well as a woman of knowledge and generosity. Thank you, also, to Lynn Rosellini for an informative and absorbing piece of writing. Out of the ballpark all around!
Audrey Nicholson

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I like the swim suites you show in the 2011 June issue. However, none of them show up on the websites listed. I have this problem frequently. I'd rather not waste time if the products are not available.

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