We Hear You - June issue

Readers respond to the June issue

by More.com Editors

Savvy Bunch
I love, love, love your magazine and have been a subscriber for years. Regarding your Sharon Stone article, I had to laugh at her comments about The Paris Match topless cover, I am sure that she realized it was a very sexual and controversial photo. Just be honest about it- Sharon- you were trying to shock, your career has been based on this type of image. More readers are a savvy bunch, at least be honest, Miss Stone.
Lisa Furnari

A Quick Read

Dear Lesley, I have serious concerns about the June issue — which arrived in the mail yesterday, and which I was eager to read last night. Usually MORE takes me several nights to read, as I savor the wide variety of articles and columns. Except for the piece on Viet Nam (which I’ve saved for later) I finished the entire magazine in an hour. This has never happened before, so this morning I’m reviewing your Table of Contents to see what I liked and what I did not.

The Jill Biden article was interesting, and revealed a different side of her. I enjoyed the piece on osteoporosis drugs, the Prada article and the photo selection of nude women (especially nice). But who in the heck still cares about Sharon Stone? The "Biggest Loser" is not a story for MORE, which is supposed to encourage mature women to be proud of their bodies as they are. "Her Sister’s Keeper" was nice, but not new material. And finally, "Sexiest Stars." C’mon! I really didn’t expect this from a magazine that purports (now) to be "for women of style and substance. . . ." It used to be a magazine that celebrated women over 40. By claiming to be for "women of style & substance," it feels like you’re selling out. I want my old MORE back! Thanks for considering my concern, and best wishes.
Sara Rath
Spring Green, Wisconsin

Handle with Care
Sharon Stone is indeed shameless for flinging a Dior Christal watch into a cement patio. It would be a privilege to own such a magnificent timepiece. Please take that watch from its abusive owner and send it to me; I will treat it with love and respect.
Rosemary A. Mebus
Abington, Pennsylvania

First I would like to say how much I love the magazine. It really speaks to me a woman of 46. I enjoy my subscription and look forward to receiving the magazine each month. I was interested in going to the retreat with More in Arizona but I think More should consider choosing another spa outside of the state of Arizona. I will not attend any event in the State of Arizona until the unconstitutional immigration law is repealed. I hope More will join me and others who are boycotting this state.
LaWanda Edwards

Second Acts, Floating on Air
I just want to thank you so much for your magazine and thesecond acts piece in every month’s issue! It is an inspiration to keep our dreams alive even though we aren’t little girls anymore. I started a blog only a month ago and I can not tell you how much fun I am having and I feel like a different woman. Almost like I have woken up. This morning I did a post on More magazine and your second acts section and just wanted to tell you how much it meant to me. . . . Also, when I saw More magazine was following me on twitter I was floating on air all day.

Body Parts
Cover shot of Sharon Stone in a plunging neckline with breasts prominently displayed-check.
More ridiculous shots of Sharon Stone wearing only a shirt, panties and high heels-check.
Photo of Sharon Stone’s Paris Match cover shot with breasts completely exposed-check.

Congratulations! You’ve just reduced an intelligent, interesting woman down to her body parts in a few quick glances. Are these the kind of photos you really think American women are interested in seeing when they buy your magazine? Please. We are more than our bodies and I would have thought that More could go beyond the usual T&A shots used in other magazines and come up with some truly creative shots of Sharon Stone. Apparently not.
Kimberly Lancaster

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I like the swim suites you show in the 2011 June issue. However, none of them show up on the websites listed. I have this problem frequently. I'd rather not waste time if the products are not available.

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