We Hear You - June issue

Readers respond to the June issue

by More.com Editors

The Second Lady
I am proud of our Afro-American first lady; but I love Jill Biden. She is an inspiration to all women with her intelligence and style.I hope she continue to encourage and inspire women young and old to achieve their dreams.
Glenn Pope

"Sex and the City" Women
Dear Lesley, I used to enjoy your magazine, but it is increasingly not something I can identify myself with. Publishers like you need to remember that not all of us actually live the lives of "Sex and the City" women. Some of us are just 50+ women with jobs, families, homes, and lives very different than yours in cities like New York, Chicago, and LA. Am I a "modern" woman? Yes, very much so. I am married happily after three tries. I have no children. I am a vegetarian, long-time runner, politically progressive, educated through a masters degree plus 60 graduate hours beyond, not religious, and economically self-sufficient. People say I look ten years younger than I am and I dress accordingly. But I am not interested in Sharon Stone. . . .
Nancy Coscarelli
Attica, Michigan

No Different
I just picked up the June 2010 issue of More at the store today. I always enjoy reading the magazine and this month was no different. I was taken by the Jill Biden article. As a professor at a community college in California, I was happy to see her comment on the important role that the community colleges play in our educational system.
Dr. Jana Gonsalves

See Some New Faces
I have been a reader of More for several years and thoroughly enjoy your product. I would, however, like to see some new faces on the covers, as you seem to repeat more often than not. Props to all the ladies on the previous covers, but there are many more 40plus women that would be fascinating to read about, such as Melissa Etheridge, Felicity Huffman and Sandra Lee, to name a few. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Los Banos, California

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