We Hear You! Letters from the April Issue

by the More.com Editors

Why would you put such a great article on the Chernobyl ladies who not only volunteer but knowingly put their their lives at risk, beside an article on surgically enhanced women whose vanity portrays our western weakness to look better and younger despite the pain and suffering in the rest of the world? What a contradiction in terms. I am surprised and disappointed at this magazines choice of article buddies I know you are trying to reach all types of readers..... but really?

Karen Coyne



I enjoy reading your magazine and the many ways you portray being over 40 as an exciting vibrant time for women.

However I was a little overwhelmed by your April issue - at least 9 ads for cosmetic products to make skin look "younger" and "reduce the signs of aging,” at least 3 ads for cosmetic procedures, and an article about the new and improved type of cosmetic surgery.   And they all seemed to come in the first 2/3 of the magazine.
Reading the April issue, I got the impression that younger looking skin should really be a main concern for women at this time of life, and lotions, potions and surgery is what we should spend our disposable income on. The underlying message is that we should work hard and devote a lot of time and money to preventing any visible signs of aging. God forbid someone notice we're not 25.
I still think there are some women who approach beauty in their 40's the same way they approached it in their 20's - a little lipstick and we're good to go. There are so many other things we'd like to focus - and spend our hard-earned money - on.
Susan Denning, Portland OR

I have been a loyal subscriber and fan for many years.  I don't know - was it this issue (April 2011) or the first time it became a problem for me?  I was reading the book review of "Big Small Girl" on p. 32 -- and struggled heavily with seeing the words because of the light blue font.  Is this font color new?  I never noticed difficulty before.  That said, I have recently started using cheaters.  Love that you spice up the magazine with pops of color, but maybe a darker shade of blue would help those of us trying to age gracefully -- without holding the magazine at arm's length under the strongest light we can find.
Kristine Dippold, San Diego CA


Please consider putting more woman of color in your magazine.  In your entire April issue including the ads, there were only 3 black women. 
Thanks for listening.
Jo-Ann Leonard 


First Published March 23, 2011

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Kris Sandhu05.05.2011

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Martha Holden05.01.2011

When my sister gave me a subscription to MORE magazine a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised with your articles. However, I was so disappointed to see an article like "The New Face-Life Fill'er Up!" in your magazine. Is this what really makes us "Women of Style & Substance"? I think not. What kind of an example and values are we giving to young women with articles such as these? The women featured in the article about Chernobyl are the ones with the real courage, not the ones who need Botox and face lifts. This is REAL life for these women who, despite all odds, have lived their lives with faith and courage through such a horrific disaster. Their white hair, facial wrinkles, and beautiful eyes show more meaning and "substance" to their lives than any woman with a face lift.

Leslie Casper05.01.2011

I have been a subscriber for many years. I found this issue to be extremely disappointing. I agree that the "bad boy" list was in very poor taste, and I disagree with the argument that it was meant to be humorous. It felt like a slap back to "an old boy's club" generation. I also would like to see fewer articles on surgical ways to "improve" ourselves. Let's read More about working with what we have and the faces/bodies we have earned to reach this time in our lives. We can't all be thin, cosmetically designed and wear contacts! Let's get More real!!!

Alice Green04.20.2011

I like to see your fashion feature. It is helpful to how to design dress. I am a 39 year old woman dating a younger man who is 28 young. We met a cougar dating site: Cougarslife.info. He often asks me out. I have a good time in the site.

Hey Gerri: sorry you didn't enjoy the Men We Love list. We were having a bit of fun and that is why we said it was men we love against our better judgement and listed their flaws. We were not meaning for anyone to take these suggestions seriously. Didn't mean to offend

Gerri 04.16.2011

I bought More to read on a plane. I had been curious about the magazine in the past and finally got around to reading an issue. Your "men we love" list was truly offensive and disgusting--chock full of misogynists and abusers, bullies and fools. I was embarrassed to be seen reading it. I won't buy your publication again.

Liz Lucier04.01.2011

I am with Jody Meier...I was absolutely disgusted by your "bad boys" list....number one is a man who verbally abused his daughter...and a rapist on the list. As a domestic abuse survivor, let me tell you, there is nothing appealing or redeeming about abuse. Just because you think someone is "hot" or talented does not take away from their very basic characters. And then the inside photo of Kate Walsh...it belonged in a men's magazine. This issue really rubbed me the wrong way and I really don't think I will be picking up another one.

Stephanie 03.23.2011

I would love to see your food features have animal-free options. Vegan/vegetarian foods have never been more popular, and the variety and options available are infinite. It's way more sin free and skinnified to just do without the meat (and butter and cheese and cream)!
~ Stephanie

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