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By the MORE.com Editors

Save the Animals
I applaud Juliette Watt in “Call of the Wild” for upending her life and moving to help animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. I am currently volunteering at a local animal shelter in Los Angeles, and I can tell you that animals are hurting in every shelter in every city in America.
Because of the financial crisis, all shelters are filled to capacity with lonely, frightened and abandoned animals. Since the shelters are deluged, the shelter staff value and depend on volunteers to help care for the animals. I have been gathering old blankets, towels and bedding from friends and neighbors to bring to the dogs, so they can be a little warmer in this cold weather.
Anyone who cares about and loves animals can make a big difference by volunteering at their local shelters.
Dr. Melissa Klaskin

The Great Health Care Debate
I found Janice Hopkins Tanne’s article “Health Reformer In Chief,” on Kathleen Sebelius a biased one and not what I expect from MORE. According to Ms. Tanne, the opponents of the health reform act are all wearing red horns and want women and children to die slow and painful deaths. Why else would they oppose this fabulous bill? Clearly this is not the case. I am not going to delineate the valid reasons why this bill is not good for the country, as my points would not be “frightening and untrue claims,” as Ms. Tanne references.
Ms. Tanne included her own opinion regarding the health care debate in the article, which is not what a true journalist does. Shame on her, and shame on you for printing a biased article. I look forward to seeing a well-balanced article regarding this debate.
Beth McKinley
La Jolla, CA
This Is Why We Rock…

I just wanted to say I love your magazine. I am 39, and when I began reading my mother’s copy of MORE so frequently, she got me a subscription. Whomever picks the cover ladies rocks and has great taste! As a suggestion, Nancy Travis, Elizabeth Shue and Mary Stuart Masterson are also hot and talented.
Savannah, GA

The Balancing Act

While Wendy Kopp’s devotion to the public school system is admirable in “Class Warfare,” her lack of devotion to the family system is not. A healthy family depends on parents who are connected, involved, accessible and present to their children and not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.
As the mother of three boys who has tried to balance a career, motherhood and marriage, I know a family deeply suffers when a mother is consumed by her work, as Kopp apparently is.
Kopp admits that she and her husband each travel 90 days per year. She jokes that her husband supports her work schedule, and she says the “kids will be best off if I’m not home…No! If I’m fulfilled!” While it may be fulfilling for Kopp to slay the world’s dragons and pay herself $300,000 to do so, her four young children need her. She has chosen motherhood, so that should be her first vocation and responsibility, whether she finds it fulfilling or not.
Perhaps someone should ask Kopp’s children how fulfilling their relationship with their mother is?
Christa Chavez
Rossmoor, CA

A Real MORE Woman

Thank you for your magazine! I look forward to reading about women who are defined by their accomplishments, rather than only as wives and mothers.
My 90-year-old mother also anticipates my copies of MORE. She is a good example of a real MORE woman. She left the Idaho Japanese concentration camp in the 1940s to continue her college education in Texas. Then, she went on to medical school to become a doctor at a time when women were encouraged to stay at home, and anti-Japanese sentiments were at an all time high.
So not surprisingly, my mother appreciates reading your magazine, which profiles women like her who have overcome the odds against success.
Geraldine Shu

A Challenge to Democracy

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Michelle Allen03.21.2011

Regarding Sherry Lee's comment above, and your article in general in your last issue made me feel nothing but anger. Sarah Palin did not just "quit" her job because something better came along. She resigned as Governor because of all the base-less complaints and suits that were being filed against her. Issues that had no viability, that were never brought to court, but were costing the State of Alaska and herself thousands and thousands of dollars. Some of these baseless items were even fed to the journalists from McCain's camp. It wasn't a smack in anyones face...she saved the State a lot of money by resigning so no one would have to deal with the stupidity of the claims being filed against her.
Sarah Palin fights for what is right in the country. She stood up for the people of Alaska. So what if she is Pro Life. Many politicians are. I am Pro-Choice, but that does not in one way make me like her any less. She is a smart, powerful woman who I am proud to believe in.
People should stop reading and listening to their news from the "neigh-sayers" who just don't like her and are intimidated by her. Sarah Palin is one of the smartest people our Government has seen in a long time. She has opinions and ideas and isn't afraid to be heard.

To Sherry Lee, give me a break on Sarah Palin. Who cares if she does what she does for personal gain? Do you have a problem with Al Gore, who lies about climate change and yet makes millions with his crap? Do you have a problem with Bill Clinton demanding thousands for an appearance. As for being "incredibly disrespectful" to our President, well, I hope we still can, because we have the 1st amendment where we can do this unlike many other countries in our world. Did you have a problem along with many of your ilk condemning President Bush as being a "Nazi"? No I don't think you did. As for the constant whining of liberal women, denying "women's reproductive rights", really!!!, where, when ? give me an example. As for fair pay, those days are long gone.

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