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By the MORE.com Editors

Thank you for the more balanced education article “Class Warfare.” Our public schools are far from failing or broken—they are the last vestige of true democracy in our country.
Carpet baggers and union busters are attacking our schools for material gain. Charter schools, Teachscape and perhaps Teach For Amercia are all for profit, even though technically classified as non-profit.
The real problem facing democracy is the ignorance and arrogance of the private school product, which includes George Bush, President Obama, Bloomberg, Cathie Black, etc. But of course, the media can never attack the sacred cow of private education.

Julia and Avis: Beyond Email
I enjoyed your article “Mastering the Art of Friendship,” immensely. The letters shared between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto were charming and reminded me that not all communication needs to be via email or text. A letter can truly convey feelings and inspire a lifelong friendship.
Today is a fast-paced world, which doesn’t usually allow us to grow a friendship in a slow and loving way. Thanks so much for the reminder. I’m inspired to now pull out a pen and a beautiful piece of stationery to write a friend.
Susan Kashack
Penngrove, CA
Helping the Enemy?
I have subscribed to your magazine since the beginning, and I love it. The small article [in More Now] “Pakistan Women Need Your Help” did give me pause. I don’t think there is a crazy misunderstanding about Islam or Muslims. However, I do think Americans are tired of other countries constantly demanding money from us, especially ones that are a viable threat. I made a conscious vow that no more of my money goes to what I consider the enemy or to people who live here and spit on my flag, while enjoying many freebies from my tax money.
I didn’t always feel this way, but the times have changed me. The more I talk with folks, the more I know this to be a common feeling. Americans are tired of the anti-American sentiment and the constant demand for more from us.
Less Noise, More Action
There’s no question that Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer made a lot of noise this year and were featured in your 2nd Annual Noisemaker Awards, but is that really the best criteria that MORE could come up with to highlight the achievement of women this year?
From my perspective, you are celebrating, at the very least, a liar (death panels), plus a quitter and a cynic. Brewer is a member of the very party that is responsible for the inaction on the issue of immigration at the federal level. Where I come from, liars, quitters and cynics are to be scorned, not celebrated. 
Virginia Priest
Brooklyn, NY

Midlife Moms Need Love, Too

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Michelle Allen03.21.2011

Regarding Sherry Lee's comment above, and your article in general in your last issue made me feel nothing but anger. Sarah Palin did not just "quit" her job because something better came along. She resigned as Governor because of all the base-less complaints and suits that were being filed against her. Issues that had no viability, that were never brought to court, but were costing the State of Alaska and herself thousands and thousands of dollars. Some of these baseless items were even fed to the journalists from McCain's camp. It wasn't a smack in anyones face...she saved the State a lot of money by resigning so no one would have to deal with the stupidity of the claims being filed against her.
Sarah Palin fights for what is right in the country. She stood up for the people of Alaska. So what if she is Pro Life. Many politicians are. I am Pro-Choice, but that does not in one way make me like her any less. She is a smart, powerful woman who I am proud to believe in.
People should stop reading and listening to their news from the "neigh-sayers" who just don't like her and are intimidated by her. Sarah Palin is one of the smartest people our Government has seen in a long time. She has opinions and ideas and isn't afraid to be heard.

To Sherry Lee, give me a break on Sarah Palin. Who cares if she does what she does for personal gain? Do you have a problem with Al Gore, who lies about climate change and yet makes millions with his crap? Do you have a problem with Bill Clinton demanding thousands for an appearance. As for being "incredibly disrespectful" to our President, well, I hope we still can, because we have the 1st amendment where we can do this unlike many other countries in our world. Did you have a problem along with many of your ilk condemning President Bush as being a "Nazi"? No I don't think you did. As for the constant whining of liberal women, denying "women's reproductive rights", really!!!, where, when ? give me an example. As for fair pay, those days are long gone.

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