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By the MORE.com Editors

I have been a fan and subscriber to MORE for many years. I enjoy the unique and up-to-date information I receive from your publication. I do however, wish there was more to read about older women having young children.
Although I am 46, when I was 40, I finally got married and had my first and only child nine days shy of 42. My husband is now 54, and we have a whole set of issues that none of the other mothers and dads have with young children. I joined a local parent group a few years ago hoping to connect with some other older moms, but did not find anyone. I was so lost that I approached the parent group about starting a subgroup of my own, and they loved the idea! 
I have now organized a group called Midlife Moms, which meets every few months for a social night to talk about what it’s like to raise young kids in our 40s. Please consider highlighting this new group of older moms. I know there are celebrities as well as everyday common moms like me, that would benefit from reading about their lives.
Wendy Segal
The Power of Friendship
“Mastering the Art of Friendship” mirrors the precious friendship I share with my friend and soul mate. People are often confounded at this type of relationship, one that can be very sensual and romantic. Our society does not fathom or tolerate such close, spiritual, sensual and loyal relationships between people of the same sex. This is a sad commentary on today’s American culture.
I, for one, was delighted that MORE featured a relationship that grew between two women in such a powerful, romantic and enduring way.
Christina Coulon
Dublin, OH
Sugarcoating Palin
I was shocked and offended by your decision to include Sarah Palin in your 2nd Annual Noisemaker Awards. You managed to sugarcoat her decision to leave her governor position 18 months early by stating it was for “sexier pursuits.” Leaving an elected position where people had worked extremely hard to get her elected was a slap in the face to those who were loyal to her and voted for her. Do you think we are ignorant enough to believe she didn’t do this for her own personal gain?
This a woman who is incredibly disrespectful to the President of the United States and everyone who disagrees with her. A recent poll showed her to be an extremely divisive political figure. You gave recognition to her as a mama bear and to mama grizzlies and papa bears, whose platform includes denying women’s reproductive rights and fair pay. This also includes the premise that women should stay home and take care of the husband and kids.
In addition, she lied about the death panels in order to defeat health reform, which gives help to women and children. This is beyond offensive to the very women who purchase and read your magazine. Her stance on the environment and animal rights is dismal. Regarding her reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” really? Since when does Alaska belong to Palin, especially since she spends very little time there?
For her to call running for president as “giving it a shot,” or running “if nobody else does,” in such a cavalier way, speaks volumes to her insensitivity and disregard for this very important office. She also says she doesn’t need a title, but in reality, she’s making lots of money promoting herself, her books and her family. Does she really deserve an award for that?
Sherry Lee
Greenback, TN


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Michelle Allen03.21.2011

Regarding Sherry Lee's comment above, and your article in general in your last issue made me feel nothing but anger. Sarah Palin did not just "quit" her job because something better came along. She resigned as Governor because of all the base-less complaints and suits that were being filed against her. Issues that had no viability, that were never brought to court, but were costing the State of Alaska and herself thousands and thousands of dollars. Some of these baseless items were even fed to the journalists from McCain's camp. It wasn't a smack in anyones face...she saved the State a lot of money by resigning so no one would have to deal with the stupidity of the claims being filed against her.
Sarah Palin fights for what is right in the country. She stood up for the people of Alaska. So what if she is Pro Life. Many politicians are. I am Pro-Choice, but that does not in one way make me like her any less. She is a smart, powerful woman who I am proud to believe in.
People should stop reading and listening to their news from the "neigh-sayers" who just don't like her and are intimidated by her. Sarah Palin is one of the smartest people our Government has seen in a long time. She has opinions and ideas and isn't afraid to be heard.

To Sherry Lee, give me a break on Sarah Palin. Who cares if she does what she does for personal gain? Do you have a problem with Al Gore, who lies about climate change and yet makes millions with his crap? Do you have a problem with Bill Clinton demanding thousands for an appearance. As for being "incredibly disrespectful" to our President, well, I hope we still can, because we have the 1st amendment where we can do this unlike many other countries in our world. Did you have a problem along with many of your ilk condemning President Bush as being a "Nazi"? No I don't think you did. As for the constant whining of liberal women, denying "women's reproductive rights", really!!!, where, when ? give me an example. As for fair pay, those days are long gone.

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