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By the MORE.com Editors

A Big Deal

I just got finished reading the article "Mrs. Big Hits it Big" about Bridget Moynahan. I have a new respect for Ms. Moynahan after reading this article. While I never really read too many rumors surrounding the pregnancy with our famed Quarterback (I live in New England) It wasn't hard to hear every one's opinion on Bridget's pregnancy.  I think it's great that she stayed above the fray and didn't sink to badmouthing her ex in the public and that had to have been a really difficult time for her.  When I went through my divorce I went through the same experience with regards to friends, people that I considered "best friends" disappeared in my "time of need" despite the numerous times I had helped them, and acquaintances stepped up to my astonishment. I like to say, going through a difficult time is like shaking the apple tree of the bad apples. 

I happen to love Blue Bloods and I hope it's on for a long time, she's doing a great job, with her career and her family. 

Deirdre Perry, New England

Thank you for the great article on Bridget Moynahan. I always thought she was a beautiful and talented woman.  Now I know, she is one classy, down to earth lady!  Her priorities are right where they should be, and I am glad she is so happy with her life.

Patricia Hoehn


Finally -- I can see someone whose shape looks more like mine in the same cute outfit as a size four person!MORE of this please! 

Susan Canada, Bethesda, MD

Keen Resemblance

I just wanted to say that the minute I viewed the photos of "Best of Spring", I could not help but notice the resemblance of model Lana Ogilvie to the late actress Sharon Tate, especially on page 93. I know their coloring is different, but the nose and eyes are hauntingly familiar. Wow.

Ann Valentino, Fishkill, NY

When 2 Become 1

As one of the physicians interviewed by Liz Brody's informative article "Are Two Drugs Better Than One" a few comments are in order. While "cognitive dysfunction" surely is a potential side effect of topiramate (Topamax), hopefully patients like Jennifer Sibley were well informed in advance of starting this drug and would have contacted her physician, lowered her dose or discontinued the medication at the first sign of lack of focus. The definition of "off -label" medication means using a medication for an indication other than that which has been "approved" by the FDA. This organization (FDA) "approves" a drug-based on information supplied to it by the pharmaceutical company concerning safety and efficacy for a certain indication. Once a drug is "approved" as Ms. Brody notes it may be used "legally" for indications other than the original intended use. It is an error to consider a drug that is used "off label" to be called "unapproved" as stated in the article.

Finally, George Bray, M.D. seems to contradict himself stating that there is a "strong rationale" for using combination drugs and a sentence later stating that topiramate's (Topamax) use for obesity "cannot be recommended". Try telling that to the thousands of patients who have been using the combination of topiramate (Topamax) and phentermine safely and effectively on a continual basis for over a decade.

Robert Skversky,M.D.

MORE Fashion

I really enjoy your magazine--I buy it and read it on line.  However, I beg you to include more fashion articles and photos.  I cannot figure out anymore how to adjust the fashion for youngsters in the other magazine like Vogue, Bazaar, etc. to suit me (I am 58) and am getting tired of trying. 

When I first found your magazine, the fashion spreads really helped me try new outfits for work and home.  I tore them out and went shopping with them. 

First Published March 8, 2011

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Marcy Jones03.09.2011

Wonderful article by Jean Chatsky about "New Divorce Rules" for women. It is so important for women to be informed and prepared financially when divorce is happening, and this article really sets out all the things women need to be thinking about and investigating. I loved her suggestion of getting a "team" in place to help work through tax and insurance issues and setting up each spouse (or at least trying to) for post-divorce financial survival. It's also so good for us to know that not all assets are what we think they are or have the value we think. Good planning is definitely important. I would also be interested in her take on how the collaborative process for divorcing is an effective divorce process for women to be sure they are getting the legal and financial support they need to make the best decisions. And as a family law attorney, I think a lot of people have put their divorces on hold and are living separately within the same home. It's challenging, but many people are making it work simply out of necessity. Thanks for the informative article. Women need this information!

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