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By the MORE.com Editors

Gleeful for Lynch?
I was really happy to see you feature Jane Lynch. She’s everything you covered in the story. I find her Glee character, Sue Sylvester, to be one of the most complex on television. She’s a terror to her Cheerios and Glee kids, but is proud to be an educator. With the Glee writers giving her a sister with Down syndrome, you can see the heart of Sue in those scenes where they interact. Each facet of Jane’s character keeps me interested and impressed with the show. Plus her Madonna rendition kicked butt.
Sheri Jones, Cortez, Colorado
Jane Lynch’s Dream Girls
More power to Jane for being “out.” So why on earth would lesbian Jane Lynch be put in a photo shoot with men wearing sexy short shorts? Shouldn’t she have been surrounded by women in bikinis? Next time I want to see her own fantasy shot—a la K.D. Lang and Cindy Crawford!
Beth Hansen, Easton, Maryland
Cutting The Cord
Michelle Blake’s memoir "What Your Kids Don’t Tell You Until They’re Grown," couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. I stress every day over the future of my two boys (ages 13 and 15), wondering if they will ever survive as adults!  It is reassuring to know that there is hope. I need to step back and simply watch instead of worrying, as my husband has been telling me this for time. I just needed to hear it from your magazine!
Victoria Grimes
The Real Lynch
While I loved seeing Jane Lynch on the cover in her gold tracksuit and megaphone, I was very disappointed by the inside photos. Perhaps you were trying to present a campy approach, but isn’t there another side of Jane that you were trying to bring forth in the article? Jane’s wedding announcement in the New York Times, along with the photo of her wife and daughter were beautiful and touching. This was something not captured in your article or photos.
Linda Barat, New Rochelle, New York
Thanks for putting Jane Lynch on the cover and for telling the touching story of her new wife and family. MORE does a great job of treating all women with respect. Although I must admit, I didn’t understand the photos of her with nearly naked men. It seems like that would be more my fantasy than hers! 
Mary Wisgirda, Friendswood, Texas
Too Revealing
I find the photographs in the Jane Lynch story to be repulsive and disturbing in a pedophile kind of way. First of all, MORE is a forum for women in their 40s and beyond. I am no prude by any means, however, the scantily clad, very young men photographed with Jane makes this issue one I will toss in the trash.  I for one, am very fond of nice looking age-appropriate men. But these young men photographed are obviously in their 20s (my sons’ ages), dressed in revealing bikini garb. Pa-lease! I had thought of MORE as a very sophisticated and classy magazine, but this article has changed my opinion.
Hitting Home
I loved your stories in the article “After the Big C.” Thank you to each of the women for sharing their feelings, because they touched me. I lost my mom to cancer a year ago. The letters helped me to understand some of my mom’s actions and explained how and why we all change after a cancer diagnosis. I especially liked the included essay “The Patient Lived, but the Friendship Bit the Dust.” Cancer changes not only the patient and her relationships, but her entire family. Everything was so moving, thank you.
Who You Calling a Feminist?
At 49, I have taken crap from many men in every job I have ever held. But, you know what? It’s not hard, you just go through it. Because of what I went through, it made me laugh at these so-called feminists in "This is What The New Feminists Look Like." 

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Judy Byrne11.18.2011

Are you responsible for the samples in your magazine or are they supplied by the cosmetic company, be it Chanel or one of the others. I love it, it is a way to sample the product before we buy it.

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