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by MORE • Editors
April 2014 Cover


I just opened up my MORE magazine and giggled at your beer-smuggling story (Letter from the Editor). As I'm growing older, I'm finding more confidence to get in touch with my bad girl (or let my younger bad girl come out more, you choose). As a therapist, I am seeing more and more young women who are suffering emotionally from the constraints of a conservative upbringing. This year I followed my dreams of becoming a writer and published a book, Unleash the Rebel Within. It's funny, honest and can help others get over their "good girl" complex. My mother was a little upset with the stripper-pole story, but she will get over it.  

Please keep the stories coming,

--Rebecca Newel  

Thank you! Thank you to More and to Julianna for embracing Julianna's beauty, grace and earned age without so much touch-up.  I have always been a huge fan of Julianna, and because she is willing to sacrifice her vanity in the most vain business in the world, I love her even more.  A bold move for More and Julianna, and I'm positive I'm not alone in my appreciation! This is the type of role model, influence and magazine cover women of all ages need.

I'm proud to be a subscriber. Thank you!

--Heather Burnett

Dear Lesley~

Although you only know me as one of More magazine’s subscribers (I fit right into your target audience), I feel as if you are a friend, or someone I would enjoy being friends with. I always look forward to your editorials—they always are of interest and insightful to me. I particularly enjoyed this last one, about being a good girl! So true . . . I can relate. Thanks for consistently putting out a magazine I enjoy, laugh and relate with and tear out pages.


--Laura Kimmel

Hi MORE Magazine-

I just wanted to send a note to praise Annabelle Gurwitch on "Married, with Staying Power" in your April issue. As a young adult, it is really helpful for me to read others’ real-life reflection on marriage. I hope to see more articles from her. Thanks!


--Carla Sell

I read a few magazines each month and have read MORE for quite a few years.  The article in the April issue “What to Say to a Friend Who’s Ill” is by far one of the best and most helpful articles I have ever read. It deals with an issue we all face at some time and offers advice that clearly had input from “ill friends.” 
I enjoy MORE very much, but this article more than justifies all the money I have spent on subscriptions over the years.  My thanks go to all involved. I am fortunate that I am not one who has been ill, but have had and probably will have more friends who are ill, and now I have some help in how to deal with it.

Could you send me a link to the article so I can share it with others?

Thank you so much.

--Pat Sierzant

This may be a first for me to respond to a magazine article, but the April 2014 article "What to Say to a Friend Who's Ill" really hit home for me.

Although I have not been diagnosed with a long-term illness, I had an event in my life last September that required hospitalization and follow-up. I went to the emergency room after basically losing sight in my left eye over the course of one week. At a friend's urging, I went to the ER, and after several diagnostic tests I was admitted to the hospital for treatment of optic neuritis. The cause of the optic neuritis is unclear, but it can be an initial sign of multiple sclerosis. To be clear, I have not been diagnosed with MS, but there is a family history, so it was discussed.

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