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by MORE • Editors
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I do want to gently suggest that as a cat owner, you please consider keeping your cats indoors.  I am president of the Huntington-Audubon Society as well as an ardent cat lover, and know both sides of the coin of allowing cats outdoors.  A. They kill billions of animals, including birds, small mammals and reptiles, each year and B. Their lives are in constant danger, as it is a scary world out there for a kitty. 

I am attaching a brochure I designed,titled, "It's 10:00am, Do Your Know Where Fluffy Is?".  It outlines the dangers that cats pose to wildlife, as well as the dangers that they themselves face.  Please consider keeping your other cats indoors-cats deserve to live long and pampered lives, languishing on our furniture and counter tops!  I am also attaching an article I had written on the topic, so that you can read up a bit more.

Thank you for your time, and again, thanks for putting out such a wonderful magazine!!!
--Stella Miller

I am an avid More reader. Each month I really look forward to your Letter from the Editor…it speaks to me.

I have the wonderfully fulfilling job of being a single working mother of 4 beautiful yet extremely loud children.

I have been married and divorced twice…I like to say that I gave each husband a decade and now I’m gifting  my 40’s to me!

It seems to me, as I look back, that I have done a lot of things out of fear.  Fear of being alone, fear that I am unlovable, fear that I may not be good enough.  What transpired was I thought if I made a perfect home for my husband and children, lived in a perfect suburb, and made perfect friends than everything would end up … perfect ~ which obviously didn’t happen.

When my second marriage failed and I was forced/chose to enter the work force at 40 without having finished my college degree I knew what real fear was and I knew that “perfect” was not within my reach any longer.   Your September letter to the editor impeccably described my “mid life, cut the crap, friendships.”

I have a handful of friends “sistas” (which is all anyone really needs) who’ve supported me through yet another divorce but the majority of “friends” that I had stood next to on the soccer fields, bake sales, and grocery lines seemed to turn the other way when they saw me (which was infrequent as I spent most days in my office or in traffic attempting to make it home in time to throw a dinner together for my “army”.)

I was very fortunate that my hard work landed me a kick ass job, with a fantastic boss, and a great company that believes in the working mom and our need for flexibility.  Along the way I met new friends, great women from all walks of life.  I agree with you…they are fresh and fascinating and they get to meet me at a time in my life when I feel I am at my best, strongest, and incredibly empowered.   My new boss is one of those women.  She is also a working mom and she totally “gets it.”  She has become a friend, mentor, and confidant.  Occasionally she is also my drinking buddy but that’s another story  ~ I would title it “where can you find the best margarita in Boston?”

Throughout any of my struggles I know that I would never had come as far as I have without the support and guidance of my girlfriends ~ old and new.  It definitely took me the full 40 years to figure that one out.

Thank you for writing about the real stuff!!

..Thank you for writing [your editor’s letter] and for sharing the fact that you went to shelters to find your special match.

And by the way, congratulations!
--Nancy Flemming

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Roder Macaulay02.02.2013

Can you please tell me who designed Marisa Tomei's dress as seen on your cover. Gorgeous!

Bonnie Kieffer01.28.2013

Emboldened to speak by the trite and trivial
I shall endeavor to remain quite convivial;
although I love thee More... or less
it is Shakespeare et al that was a MESS.
The drivelof reading made me so ill
that pepto bismol I did swill.No more of that, I ask..
I have to bring you all to task.

Peggy Abraham01.19.2013

Regarding your February 2013 issue - Katie Couric has proven herself as a serious and respected journalist. Her longtime co-worker says what you see is what you get. Katie is the same person "in person". Therefore I find it ironic that you would point out the controversy where CBS photoshopped 20 pounds off Katie and then proceed to photoshop your cover to erase nearly every wrinkle and blemish. She has the skin of a teenager in your picture. Why?


I want to change my password. Also I want to read issues on line so that I can file articles, recipes, etc. in electronic file versus paper files.

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