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by MORE • Editors
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I really enjoy your magazine. I first picked up your magazine about five years ago in a hospital waiting room while I was waiting for my mother to come out of surgery. Someone had so graciously left it there for me.
It was October 2007 issue with Marg Helgenberger on the cover and the best fashion spread I think you all have ever done. I still have this issue because the clothes still inspire me.It was called "Perfect Jeans" and featured several women, each wearing a style of jeans that flattered them. At the time, wide legged jeans were in and I LOVE wide legged jeans. One look and I was hooked. I've been a fan ever since, although I must admit I would like to see more spreads like that instead of just showing the articles of clothing. But I guess it is more economical than hiring models.

I would like to thank More for recognizing that women 40+ deserve real fashion and a magazine that fits this season of our lives without making us look like "little old ladies"…

Thanks for a great magazine.
--Sherri Wrather

I do really enjoy your magazine.  I particularly love the fashion and make up tips that are age appropriate and personally tested by the staff.  I appreciate the encouraging articles that affect women at this piont in our lives. 

My one suggestion would be to include calories per serving and nutritional facts for the delicious recipes you feature.  This information would be very helpful for those of us who are watching our weight and trying to lead a more healthy life
--DeVonna Dalton

I always enjoy reading my monthly issue of More magazine and enjoy your Letter from the Editor section.   This months article however left me sad and wondering how a highly accomplished and educated woman could be so careless as to let a cat outside unattended to get - as you say "assumed hit by a car".   What?  As an animal lover and cat owner, I would never leave my precious cats outside by themselves without being on a leash or in a protected area.   This is pet ownership rule 101.   Please Meredith, let Miu's spirit guide you to do better with Zeus and Rain....keep them inside where they belong. 

--Kimberly Apgar

I love More Magazine's articles. It is so refreshing to read about peers and cohorts instead of twenty or thirty something! I loved the Dec/Jan issue's "The Blessing of the Animals". I wonder if that could become a regularly featured section. In addition it is very disheartening to pick up a fitness magazine and have those same twenty somethings sporting a toned body that is more youth aquired than sweat induced. Not to mention the abundance of energy those individuals reserve compared to their elder counterparts. Let's face it, it's not an accident that road races have age categories or that tennis greats retire at thirty! I would love a regular fitness section of fit, 40-50 somethings that achieve amazing fitness and realistic but admirably toned bodies. They could share their stories about routines and diets and special extras that work for them. You know, like the Shape mag, or Muscle and Fitness Hers, or Fitness, etc... those articles are related to a young population and seemingly unrealistically achievable for those of us who are pre and post menopausal.  Just a thought.  Lori


Why don't we see more about women in their 60's?  For example on-line you have hairstyle ideas for women in their 40's and 50's - what about the 60's.  The same with your magazine you constantly have all the starlets that have just turned 40 - what about the 60's.  

On the serious side why don't you have an article explaining about women in their 50's and 60's getting laid off and not able to get a new job in this economy?  What are they doing to survive?
-Merry Kruschke


I do not yet have a subscription to your MORE magazine. I am greatly considering it, but I have been reading comments on different websites to find out if it is something I would like to read.

For the most part I find I would enjoy your magazine.

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Roder Macaulay02.02.2013

Can you please tell me who designed Marisa Tomei's dress as seen on your cover. Gorgeous!

Bonnie Kieffer01.28.2013

Emboldened to speak by the trite and trivial
I shall endeavor to remain quite convivial;
although I love thee More... or less
it is Shakespeare et al that was a MESS.
The drivelof reading made me so ill
that pepto bismol I did swill.No more of that, I ask..
I have to bring you all to task.

Peggy Abraham01.19.2013

Regarding your February 2013 issue - Katie Couric has proven herself as a serious and respected journalist. Her longtime co-worker says what you see is what you get. Katie is the same person "in person". Therefore I find it ironic that you would point out the controversy where CBS photoshopped 20 pounds off Katie and then proceed to photoshop your cover to erase nearly every wrinkle and blemish. She has the skin of a teenager in your picture. Why?


I want to change my password. Also I want to read issues on line so that I can file articles, recipes, etc. in electronic file versus paper files.

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