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But...as a conservative and being annoyed at the biased leftist media out there - I do not want to see this kind of bias in a magazine I subscribe to.

I read most of the comments about this situation on your own website where you comment "We Hear You!"  So what I would like to know is - do you just hear us or do you consider the comments made and make adjustments to your magazine.

As far as I can see there are a lot of conservatives reading/having read your magazine. To me this is an important issue to consider - probably more important than the rest of the comments. Definitely a first for you to look at changing.

If you plan to continue being biased - please let me know - until I see more positive comments about this issue I will not order the magazine at this time. I will continue to look at your website and see how things go because I truly believe that otherwise I would truly enjoy this magazine.

Thank you for your time!
--Grace Bright

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Roder Macaulay02.02.2013

Can you please tell me who designed Marisa Tomei's dress as seen on your cover. Gorgeous!

Bonnie Kieffer01.28.2013

Emboldened to speak by the trite and trivial
I shall endeavor to remain quite convivial;
although I love thee More... or less
it is Shakespeare et al that was a MESS.
The drivelof reading made me so ill
that pepto bismol I did swill.No more of that, I ask..
I have to bring you all to task.

Peggy Abraham01.19.2013

Regarding your February 2013 issue - Katie Couric has proven herself as a serious and respected journalist. Her longtime co-worker says what you see is what you get. Katie is the same person "in person". Therefore I find it ironic that you would point out the controversy where CBS photoshopped 20 pounds off Katie and then proceed to photoshop your cover to erase nearly every wrinkle and blemish. She has the skin of a teenager in your picture. Why?


I want to change my password. Also I want to read issues on line so that I can file articles, recipes, etc. in electronic file versus paper files.

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