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by MORE • Editors
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Consider me converted! While on Mexican vacation, our hotel had several back issues of your magazine available for guests in their beach library (you take one, you leave one - a place to recycle and re-use books and magazines). I read three issues consecutively from cover to cover! I couldn't get enough! I wanted MORE!

What a refreshing change from my regular magazine that preaches spirituality and inner peace but spoon feeds us images of adolescent models and lists of favourite things that would take me years of working two jobs to pay off!

Loved the October issue-my mother-in-law gave it to me and I was really impressed as a first-time reader! I did find it odd that you ran an article about Jessica Herrin and Stella& Dot and then featured an article about jewelry as well, but didn't include Stella&Dot's fabulous jewelry! You would think the two articles would go hand-in-hand! Looking forward to seeing MORE Stella&Dot in future issues.
--Linda Kunkiewicz

For the first time in years, I've felt at peace with my age (now 45 years old!). Being a child of the eighties, I can totally relate to Christina Applegate and Marisa Tomei and will continue to applaud them for many years to come while doing Warrior Pose and working on my next great adventure!
Your newest fan,
--Rebecca Melenka

I have been a MORE reader almost since the inception and remember you being the editor of Marie Claire. (Really loved Marie Claire then!) I still remember your first "Letter from the Editor" for MORE. It was forward, direct and truth-felt. It was your letter about not having to cater to the youth of the month. Instantly, I wanted MORE!

I just read your letter for December 2012. First, I want to pass along my condolences for Miu. I too am a cat owner and definitely get losing a furry family member who has enriched everyone in the household's life. As I read aloud your letter to my partner, he laughed with glee as you recalled Miu's daily antics. We too are a feline house and they do enrich your life beyond words.

Lastly, keep up the wonderful work. I look forward to reading your letter each month; in fact, I always read it first before I dive into the magazine. Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. Thank you.
--Tara Daugherty

I'm 65, still working full time, playing golf, teaching university classes, hula hooping with my grandson, traveling, biking, etc. I wear a size 6, look pretty good, and am really annoyed that you do so many articles about "This is what 40, or 50 looks like"  What are the rest of us--chopped liver?!  Sorry, but we aren't all fat gray haired old ladies!!

I love reading More when it comes in the mail. But, I have to say that the women that are featured on the cover seem to keep reappearing. Marisa Tomei, Julianna Moore... Certainly there are enough women over the age of 40 that would qualify to be on the cover without repeating the same women. I'm still sharp enough at 60 to remember reading about them in the last couple of years in your magazine.

Also, your letter is one of my favorites of the issue. Keep up the great work!
--Diane Kerr

I recently received my December issue of More magazine and just finished reading it. Most of the "magazines" or periodicals I read are online and necessary for my business.

One of my very few indulgences is More magazine. I love holding it and carrying it to whatever room I am able to take a quick break from business. I appreciate the ability to fold pages and bookmark articles or information that I want to reread.

Most of all, I look forward each month to reading the Letter from the Editor. I have to admit, that letters from the Editors never really caught my interest. But when I get my magazine out of the plastic, it is the first thing I turn to and read. It is always fun, interesting and sometimes inspiring.

Thank you for this wonderful experience each month!
--Dana Kichen
In our increasingly digital age, I find myself subscribing to fewer publications. However, More is special...it has smart, insightful and relevant articles. But not only that, I must thank you for making my day.

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Roder Macaulay02.02.2013

Can you please tell me who designed Marisa Tomei's dress as seen on your cover. Gorgeous!

Bonnie Kieffer01.28.2013

Emboldened to speak by the trite and trivial
I shall endeavor to remain quite convivial;
although I love thee More... or less
it is Shakespeare et al that was a MESS.
The drivelof reading made me so ill
that pepto bismol I did swill.No more of that, I ask..
I have to bring you all to task.

Peggy Abraham01.19.2013

Regarding your February 2013 issue - Katie Couric has proven herself as a serious and respected journalist. Her longtime co-worker says what you see is what you get. Katie is the same person "in person". Therefore I find it ironic that you would point out the controversy where CBS photoshopped 20 pounds off Katie and then proceed to photoshop your cover to erase nearly every wrinkle and blemish. She has the skin of a teenager in your picture. Why?


I want to change my password. Also I want to read issues on line so that I can file articles, recipes, etc. in electronic file versus paper files.

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