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by MORE • Editors

Hi Lesley

I just opened up my MORE that came in yesterday’s mail and read your letter from the editor which always resonates with me. I had to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine and always love your letter. So true what you wrote about each decade….I am approaching 49 this month and just came in from a day in the city looking at colleges with my son and your words just felt so much like I could have written them all myself.

Plus I wanted to tell you I love the pic….you look younger and more beautiful than ever!\

Thanks for a wonderful treat of a magazine!
--MaryAnne Richardson

Good day Lesley,

Thank you for still working in the magazine publishing business.  I remember you at Marie Claire and boy I miss you there. The magazine has change.  I once receive an email from you to participate in a story about dating in Washington, D.C., but was busy with work.

Then I get my first More magazine and yes, you are here. Not sure how long you been with More but I am so happy to be reading a magazine that you are the Editor once again.

I was so heart broken when you left.

I just finish reading the February issue with Courtney Cox. It has your great expertise on it.  I LOVE it. My favorite article was " the Ex Files".

I just want to say, Thank you once again putting stories together that are great, enjoyable, about women and for women.

Keep it up and I shall continue to read More magazine.
--Carla Waddell

The article, “Putting the Past to Rest in Ireland,” caught my attention as a must-read, especially since I too had a less than idyllic childhood and am always curious about how others have managed to survive and thrive.  Imagine my surprise at the opening sentence, “The two old men sitting across from us--one possibly in his sixties . . . “  I am in my 60s and sincerely hope that no one refers to me as an old woman!

On another note, I would appreciate more articles on how to make the most of the career (and life) you’ve got and fewer of the “reinvent yourself” type.  Quite a few of us are hanging on by our fingernails in a job that we may not love but don’t have the luxury of letting go to reinvent our self.

Finally, thank you, More, for making women over 40 believe that they have style and substance--I will always be a subscriber!

--Vallie Ann Bennett

Good morning,

Why are you making an assumption that I am a woman? I am actually a male, who just liked your magazine because it had some thought behind it and because it was not shallow like many magazines for women. Also, I liked that it presented women as humans rather than as bodies who are covered with lipstick, makeup, and bikinis.

Please either update your database with a gender identifier, so your communication is more specific. Or, replace the word "woman" with a word "person" or "individual" to remove gender bias. We are in the 21st century already.

Have a good day,

Dear Lesley,

I really enjoy your magazine, and particularly your letter from the editor. I have been a subscriber from the beginning.  I am 61, and may have aged a bit out of your demographic, which seems to be 40-60, but I am interested in health and fitness, style, aging and healthy living.

I wanted to respond to your inquiry on what to do about extraneous noise and clutter, but couldn’t find it on the website, so I’m using this email address.

I married for the first time at age 51 (sold everything and moved cross country - reinvention part 1), and had lived alone since I was 28.  Not having lived with anyone, I became used to a totally silent environment - only noise was actually listening to music, watching tv (rarely), listening to books on tape, no background noise, ever.  I am so lucky that my husband is the same way, because I think we are the only ones!

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Am so glad I am not alone in how I feel about the changes in More. I have been a subscriber from the start and soon to turn 60.I loved your magazine because it was so different and for women over 40. Now it has turned into every other magazine. Am seriously considering canceling but am hoping if you get enough feedback from long time loyal customers you will go bask to the great mag you used to be. Sincerely,Sharon T

susan 03.02.2014

How odd and disappointing that the "Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan" didn't include any nutritional information. Seems like a no-brainer if we are going to write about good health.

Cheryl 02.26.2014

I completely agree with Gina in that although you have made great changes to the mag., I am still seeing models that are way younger than 40 something. This is a magazine that caters to women over 40 and everyone of your featured actresses are so airbrushed they look fake. We all see these people in other works of theirs, and see the real skin that they have. Lets get real here! Being a fifty something woman, I would like to see what the products and clothing you promote on women of middle age.
I have been renewing my subscription and gifting More for 8 years or longer because I feel as Gina does that all the other mags cater to a younger crowd. More has meat to it and I love that about it. You can get fashion(although pricy!), beauty tips, and lovely articles about women who change their lives and inspire us to become better women.
Please find the middle aged lifestyle models and hire them. Been there done that.

PL Howard02.24.2014

Over all great articles. I was excited to see that one of the Pros that gave advice on the best way take care of hair was an African American Stylist. However, I was very disappointed that the only tips for those of us with naturally kinky hair was How to take care of weave/sown in hair. I was hoping for more information for those who choose to wear their hair natural and those who choose to process their hair with a perm. Please off these two opinions when you have future Hair articles

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