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by MORE • Editors

Whenever we visit people, they have the tv or music on, computers, cell phones ringing and dinging. I have become aware of how rare it is to be unwired!  We have computers, and each own a cell phone, but neither of us feel the need to be plugged in any more than that.  We do use our computers at home for many things, but feel no need to have access to them at all times.

My husband is a minimalist, and although I am not so much, whenever we bring something new into the house, something else goes out.  Our house is small, spacious and easy to clean.

I really enjoy articles about women over 60 looking and feeling great.  This is the best time in my life.

--Patricia Tyser Carberry

I attempted to contact the magazine on the "contact us" page, but I couldn't get the link to work.

I just want to let you know how disappointed I've become with your magazine.  I subscribed to your magazine soon after I turned 40, I am now 46. It's the only women's magazine that I subscribe to.  Over the last several months  I have been more and more frustrated that there's ANY information for women in their 30's.  They have PLENTY of magazines that are catered to that age group.  More mag was supposed to be for the over 40 crowd--what happened?

I like to get hip fashion advice for my age, hair, make-up, product info for women of my age.  I would also like to request less air brushing with your models.  I'm looking at Courtney Cox now all soft looking.  We want to see real people--yeah, maybe people who look good for their age. It doesn't have to be a celebrity on your cover.  If they've had work done or use fillers, botox, whatever, be honest about it and tell us.  Maybe we'll try those products too or not.

I'm experiencing the shifting hormones of peri-menopause--my body's changing.  I don't want to see your magazine go for the under 40 crowd.  There are plenty of women over 40 who could benefit from your original magazine objectives.

Please get it back together for us!!

Dear Ms. Seymour:

I've enjoyed your magazine ever since it came out. I'm not interested in fashion but in the lives and thoughts intelligent women, and I've often enjoyed your book reviews, etc. However, I must add that I am 70, still teaching at a university, and offended that your magazine seems to stop at women who are in their seventies. Surely you must be aware of active, healthy, and intelligent women who are still at work way beyond their sixties. I remember the cover article of a Newsday Sunday magazine several years ago which featured the faces of many, many people still active and working who were one hundred years or over. With a bit of luck we will be seeing more and more of that. Please consider the older women whom you seem to be excluding--and count us in.

Thank you.
--Barbara Bengels

Hi Lesley!  Love you, what you have to say in your Letter from the Editor but wish your magazine would not be so politically left wing - maybe a story on how Katie Coric was not a fair journalist to Sarah Palin - What??  The media darling...Sarah brought down the 'old boys network in Alaska' - something to be applauded for by strong women but no one talks about that.  Your magazine is getting thinner, less advertisers, less articles, maybe that's why!  I know I used to subscribe but really am tired about the lines that not only the media draws but magazines as well.  We are educated women, treat us as such -tired of the left garbage

Is more becoming less and less germane to its original audience?  It would seem so - the target audience seems to be shifting: what happened to the focus goal of this magazine: to be aimed at the "more seasoned" intelligent woman still interested in beauty, fashion, travel, sports, life, perhaps with more money to spend, more life behind her - and with no intention of fading away?  Madame Lear, remember?

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Am so glad I am not alone in how I feel about the changes in More. I have been a subscriber from the start and soon to turn 60.I loved your magazine because it was so different and for women over 40. Now it has turned into every other magazine. Am seriously considering canceling but am hoping if you get enough feedback from long time loyal customers you will go bask to the great mag you used to be. Sincerely,Sharon T

susan 03.02.2014

How odd and disappointing that the "Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan" didn't include any nutritional information. Seems like a no-brainer if we are going to write about good health.

Cheryl 02.26.2014

I completely agree with Gina in that although you have made great changes to the mag., I am still seeing models that are way younger than 40 something. This is a magazine that caters to women over 40 and everyone of your featured actresses are so airbrushed they look fake. We all see these people in other works of theirs, and see the real skin that they have. Lets get real here! Being a fifty something woman, I would like to see what the products and clothing you promote on women of middle age.
I have been renewing my subscription and gifting More for 8 years or longer because I feel as Gina does that all the other mags cater to a younger crowd. More has meat to it and I love that about it. You can get fashion(although pricy!), beauty tips, and lovely articles about women who change their lives and inspire us to become better women.
Please find the middle aged lifestyle models and hire them. Been there done that.

PL Howard02.24.2014

Over all great articles. I was excited to see that one of the Pros that gave advice on the best way take care of hair was an African American Stylist. However, I was very disappointed that the only tips for those of us with naturally kinky hair was How to take care of weave/sown in hair. I was hoping for more information for those who choose to wear their hair natural and those who choose to process their hair with a perm. Please off these two opinions when you have future Hair articles

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