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by MORE • Editors

For the last number of issues the ages mentioned on the covers begin with the 30s - end in the 50's or 60's - are you trying now to be generic like LHJ or GH or?  Nothing at all wrong with those and many fashion magazines, I subscribe to them also, but there are so many that have target audiences in those age ranges and a zillion, as we all know, for 40 and under, what about the sophisticated woman over 50?  Baby Boomers haven't died off yet, don't lose more than you need to.

Thank you,
--Barbara Barrett

Dear More:

I am a 58-year-old woman who follows your emails blogs etc because all the other magazines have passed me by. Despite the fact I have disposable income, time, a great marriage, great job - in my spare time I garden, cook, and bellydance -  yet no other fashion magazine caters to women over 50 - and there are a lot of us (see demographics for Baby Boomers).

That is why it is so aggravating to go on line and see your makeover of a 36-year-old nonprofit executive!! She could be in Vogue, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, and a dozen other magazines.

I am a 58-year-old nonprofit executive -- where's my makeover -- or the makeover of someone more my age.

If you want to keep me as a customer -- and I assure you, you should, PELASE stay age appropriate. Your original mission - I believe - was to the woman who is left out of the fashion magazines. At least draw the line at 40!


I am reading the Feb 14 issue.  

I am on page 22 reading network your way to reinvention. I am 55 years old and wear contacts. However, the type on this story is just too small.

I like your magazine, but I don't want to struggle to read articles.

Please quit using such small type.

Thanks for reading.

As always, great! However, I do find it frustrating when the reinvention stops at 60. Let me tell you why.

Less than two months before my 69th birthday, I published my first book. That was a year and a half ago. I now have three novels published and a novella. The three novels have all been bestsellers on Amazon and my first one, Blue Coyote Motel, was a quarter finalist in the Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award contest as well as the Book of the Month for e-thrillers and the Goodreads group, Psychological Thrillers.

Re-invention - yes, I know a thing or two about it. I owned a national art and antique appraisal company with over 140 experts in various fields, traveling to all parts of the United States. The IRS, judges, insurance companies, and individuals were all clients of mine. I became disenchanted with how many people defined themselves by their "stuff" and opened two yoga studios, leaving the world of antiques and art. I taught in Southern California as well as internationally - Indonesia, Mexico, and Nepal, to name a few. My husband became interested in politics and eventually became a California State Senator. I knew his opponents would love to see my picture on a campaign "hit piece" standing on my head. I left the yoga world and became a political wife, entertaining Governors, Congressmen and politicians and lobbyists of all persuasions for the twelve years my husband was in the California Legislature. Towards the end of my husband's political career, I wrote my first book and now here I am, at age 70, immersed in my fifth book with two others ready to go and one in the planning phase.

Re-invention - It's possible at any age and certainly well beyond 60!
--Dianne Harman

Hi Lesley.

I paid close attention to your"Letter from the editor" and I must say I was disappointed to see that you stopped at 60 at reinventing one's life.  Let me tell you something: I am 75 and very eager to give back, mainly my life experience, accompanied by my two Masters' degrees: Education and Psychology. And you know what? nobody's listening.

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Am so glad I am not alone in how I feel about the changes in More. I have been a subscriber from the start and soon to turn 60.I loved your magazine because it was so different and for women over 40. Now it has turned into every other magazine. Am seriously considering canceling but am hoping if you get enough feedback from long time loyal customers you will go bask to the great mag you used to be. Sincerely,Sharon T

susan 03.02.2014

How odd and disappointing that the "Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan" didn't include any nutritional information. Seems like a no-brainer if we are going to write about good health.

Cheryl 02.26.2014

I completely agree with Gina in that although you have made great changes to the mag., I am still seeing models that are way younger than 40 something. This is a magazine that caters to women over 40 and everyone of your featured actresses are so airbrushed they look fake. We all see these people in other works of theirs, and see the real skin that they have. Lets get real here! Being a fifty something woman, I would like to see what the products and clothing you promote on women of middle age.
I have been renewing my subscription and gifting More for 8 years or longer because I feel as Gina does that all the other mags cater to a younger crowd. More has meat to it and I love that about it. You can get fashion(although pricy!), beauty tips, and lovely articles about women who change their lives and inspire us to become better women.
Please find the middle aged lifestyle models and hire them. Been there done that.

PL Howard02.24.2014

Over all great articles. I was excited to see that one of the Pros that gave advice on the best way take care of hair was an African American Stylist. However, I was very disappointed that the only tips for those of us with naturally kinky hair was How to take care of weave/sown in hair. I was hoping for more information for those who choose to wear their hair natural and those who choose to process their hair with a perm. Please off these two opinions when you have future Hair articles

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