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by MORE • Editors

I’ve been a subscriber to MORE for many years – was thrilled when the magazine first came out that it represented the lifestyle of a “mature” audience.  However, now approaching 65 in a few months, I’m somewhat frustrated that the magazine seems to get younger and younger as each issue goes forward (maybe, it just me getting older). There are enough magazines out there for those in their 30’s and early 40’s.  I would like to see more representation of women in their late 50’s-60’s-70’s (and even those in their 80’s) – perhaps, another version of MORE would now be appropriate (what about a “MORE PLUS” for those of us in the later age group?).   Additionally, the pages that I lovingly refer to as the “centerfolds” seem to concentrate on fashion/style that most likely is not representative of most audience members – I think there are very few that would spend thousands of dollars on a fashion or accessory. Yes, once in a great while you do have an issue that shows affordable items – but, that issue (or issues) are far between each other.

Last but not least, I was amazed at the article in the February, 2014 issue by Nell Casey on Ireland. Amazed in the sense that in her very first sentence she spoke about “the two old men sitting across from us…” And, then went on to describe those men as being 60 and 80.  She further went on to describe them as being “frail”.  Approaching 65, I do NOT feel old nor do I feel frail and I have close friends in their early 80’s (or approaching that decade) and I do not look on them as “old” or frail. If she merely would have described the father and son as being the two “gents” or “seasoned gents” I think the reading audience would have gathered these were not two youngsters. I’m even more surprised that an editor of a magazine for “women of…substance” would allow such a description!  Shame on you MORE!!  I think her point of the connection between family members could have been made with a more careful choice of words.

Despite the above…I’m still considering renewing when my subscription ends later in the year!

I am a member of More and have subscribed for years.  I only want to make a comment regarding your changes in the magazine.

I subscribed because it was for ladies "over 40" but now find it is leaning more and more toward the younger generations.  There are many magazines for the newer arrivals.  Why can you not keep it relevant to older women who still want to look & feel young?  Thank you.

Who is running your magazine? This is the biggest left leaning mag. It should be placed right next to Time. Your articles are so strongly left leaning it is void of intellect. The tone of your magazine is also a slap in the face to strong women. You open the cover of the latest issue and even your advertisers adopt the same message 'We FOCUS on WRINKLES'. You send a message to your readers that their self worth is in the lack

of lines on their faces. Your clothing selections by age are insane. Colorful flowers for 30, solid color for 40, black and white  50, and taupe and pale pink for 60? I'd give your magazine an F for interesting articles, an F for understanding women, and BTW your editor does have it correct in 'Getting Rid of what Doesn't Matter' and for me it is this magazine. Copy to Lesley.  As soon as my subscription runs out in April, I will not be renewing.

Hi Lesley,

I am a long-time subscriber to MORE and I appreciate a magazine that speaks to women over 40. However, I was disappointed with February cover and the lack of recognition of Black History Month.  I expected to see/read at least one article about an influential African American woman. Please consider in the future. 


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Am so glad I am not alone in how I feel about the changes in More. I have been a subscriber from the start and soon to turn 60.I loved your magazine because it was so different and for women over 40. Now it has turned into every other magazine. Am seriously considering canceling but am hoping if you get enough feedback from long time loyal customers you will go bask to the great mag you used to be. Sincerely,Sharon T

susan 03.02.2014

How odd and disappointing that the "Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan" didn't include any nutritional information. Seems like a no-brainer if we are going to write about good health.

Cheryl 02.26.2014

I completely agree with Gina in that although you have made great changes to the mag., I am still seeing models that are way younger than 40 something. This is a magazine that caters to women over 40 and everyone of your featured actresses are so airbrushed they look fake. We all see these people in other works of theirs, and see the real skin that they have. Lets get real here! Being a fifty something woman, I would like to see what the products and clothing you promote on women of middle age.
I have been renewing my subscription and gifting More for 8 years or longer because I feel as Gina does that all the other mags cater to a younger crowd. More has meat to it and I love that about it. You can get fashion(although pricy!), beauty tips, and lovely articles about women who change their lives and inspire us to become better women.
Please find the middle aged lifestyle models and hire them. Been there done that.

PL Howard02.24.2014

Over all great articles. I was excited to see that one of the Pros that gave advice on the best way take care of hair was an African American Stylist. However, I was very disappointed that the only tips for those of us with naturally kinky hair was How to take care of weave/sown in hair. I was hoping for more information for those who choose to wear their hair natural and those who choose to process their hair with a perm. Please off these two opinions when you have future Hair articles

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