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by MORE • Editors
July/August Cover

Good morning, Lesley,

Just a quick note to tell you I am on page 16 of the July/August 2014 issue and this issue already rocks.

Love the quotes by Anna Maria Chavez and Pat Cleveland in "Notebook".

Got super juiced up over the films, tv and music in the "Seen and Heard" section.  I sound so hip when I can chime in to a conversation with a hot movie tip.  I have to go see Boyhood, They Came Together, and Life Itself.  This looks entertaining indeed

I downloaded the Blippar app a whole ago and loved the book reviews by Elizabeth Gilbert and ???and you did one, too, I believe.  Do another one of you telling us another insightful story about something else you've come full circle on.  I have to say your humanness, intelligence and cool personality shine through in each of your LFTE.  Love where you have taken More and I used to write pretty pissy letters to More when I thought someone was being too sassy like the article comparing the fashion sense of a particular French female government official with the fashion sense of our American female government officials.  The author wanted to know why our women dressed like flags and not in something a little more upbeat.  She even wondered if Hillary Clinton owned a thong.  This was just stupid and I asked More Mag editor if they are for women or against us by being so small-minded and critical.

Or when they used to review dozens and dozens of beauty products ranging in every price range from $2 to $200. This was overwhelming to the reader and seemed more like an advertising page than useful information.

One last thing, this issue is thinner and I like this.  I am busy and the reading I do (we all do) each day is mind boggling so I might actually make it from cover to cover with this slimmer issue.  Honestly, magazines are tricky for me. When they are too long I lose interest and don't want it cluttering my tiny cottage waiting for me to come back to it to finish it. If I haven't read a mag for cover to cover within 5 days it gets thrown out.

Nice work, Lesley and team. 

--Romy Taylor

Dear Lesley,

How about it! I was let go of my job the end of April due to change in ownership and was devastated and from day one have been thinking back on various things and FULLCIRCLE became my focus point! Also, went through alot of saved quotes, affirmations etc. in a night stand that were tucked away in an issue of MORE from July/Aug 2011 and it has Lisa Kudrow on the cover. Fast forward to now and smiled when reading the full circle letter from you in this July/Aug 2014 issue with Lisa on the front cover too! Day by day I need the bright spot and today this was it!

Thanks for a great magazine.

--Hope Purdy

I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy Linda Yellin's articles!   I can recognize her "voice" before I even look at the byline.   Her writing never fails to amuse me, give me an outright good laugh while always hitting on a "truth" that one can identify with.

Keep her great observations on life and the human condition coming our way in your magazine!

Faithful reader,


Yellin is a girl after my own heart.  I too have a fitness tracker and I could care less about the fitness aspect.  I’m anticipating that pat on the back when I’ve met my goal.  Plus I’m really interested in how it looks on my wrist.  Related confession:  I get a tiny thrill when I’m checking out at the store and the credit card thingy says APPROVED!

--Marcia Brumbeau

I have so enjoyed More Magazine and I have also given it to friends as a gift.  I was not able to pull up the survey so decided to send you a quick note.  One feature I enjoy are the Memoirs, but I noticed that the July-August issue I just finished did not have one.  I hope this doesn't mean the magazine will not have them anymore, my vote would be to have them.

Thank you,

--Meredith Siegmann

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