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by MORE • Editors

     I doubt you get many e-mails from men. For some reason, I was sent a 3-month trial to MORE. Probably because my name is Chris. I stuffed in into my briefcase one morning and started flipping through it on the subway on my way to work. You create a wonderful magazine! Funny, quirky, not too serious—it's a great read. I wish more men would read it. I was smiling as I entered my office door. I may ditch my subscription to MAXIM. Thanks and I wish you continued success.

--Christopher Durham

I am very pleased to see the quirky, fun and clad layout of Melissa McCarthy. This is what I call a layout "for women of style and substance."

I also enjoyed the articles about the parents' anniversary gift, working with a close friend, and the secret life of friends.

When suggesting healthy foods, please caution people taking blood thinners that dark greens and cruciferous vegetables contain vitamin K, which would weaken the effects of the medication.
--Marie U. Hagan

Hello Lesley,

I can't thank you enough for your mention regarding Rebuilding Together. I have been a volunteer with the Duneland affiliate in Northwest Indiana for the last ten years, eight of which I have been on the board as the PR Director. My work with this group has been a part of my second act and it has led to some amazing friendships.

Rebuilding Together does not get a lot of press and maybe that is because we don't build new houses, but what we do very well is give people the opportunity to stay and age in their own homes. Volunteers come out to help their neighbor and it is truly instant gratification to meet and see the homeowner as they experience their home's transformation, most of the time with the aid from complete strangers.

Our town has a population of only 12,000, but we manage to get about 400 volunteers each year to rehab about 15 homes and a few community projects. We have skilled, but also many unskilled volunteers as young as high school age. Corporate team building happens on Rebuild Day as well. It is a wonderful way for someone to give back and it is only one day out of the year. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer for a nonprofit should look into their nearest Rebuilding Together affiliate on the national website rebuildingtogether.org <http://rebuildingtogether.org> . They would be amazed at the friendships that they would make and the instant "feel good" in return.

Thanks again!
--Nancy Veselica
PR Director
Rebuilding Together Duneland
Chesterton, Indiana
P.S. I love More Magazine......it speaks to me on every level!

Thank you for placing Melissa McCarthy on the cover of MORE, July/August issue. It is great to see a normal, full-figured actress in your magazine. I am disappointed that more normal American women are not showcased in MORE. The model searches are always really thin women and this is not the norm for America.  Maybe New York and Hollywood, but not the true working class who purchase MORE magazine.
--Ann Harris

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Linda Yellin's commentary on meditation concerned me a great deal. Let me state up front that I have a daily meditation and yoga practice. I developed those after years of staying in the non-stop motion she describes for herself, so I am comfortable agreeing with Adele's insistence that she would benefit. It's my belief that everyone would. That said, my real concern is the hour-long class she attempted. Meditation isn't easy. Quieting the mind is difficult for the beginner, even for tiny bits of time. Three minutes was a major accomplishment when I began, and honestly a full hour still escapes me. My hope would be that she would revisit the practice. I understand how she would feel like the hour was wasted. I'd probably have felt the same. Perhaps breaking it down to a manageable chunk of time-say 3 minutes, for starters-and some preparation (MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS by Thich Nhat Hanh is a great little book!) would change her opinion of the practice. And, at the end of the day, it is just that: a practice. So some days are better than others. Hopefully, Ms. Yellin will make another attempt and recognize that a little practice could go a long way.

In the notebook section of this month's magazine, I was shocked to see the quote from Patricia Clarkson saying why she likes dating men who ride motorcyles. Honey, I ride my own damn bike, and when I want to feel especially sexy, I put a man on the back, and he is my "bitch on back". I don't need a man to ride for me, thank-you very much!

Patricia Gordon07.21.2013

I love your magazine but feel that you do not go far enough for those of us who are older. There should be more for those 60-somethings and above. Many other magazines cover women who care about how they look and live in their 40s and 50s but very little for 60s and forget about the years after age 69.Not all of us want to retire to our rockers at age 70 and beyond to just mark time until we die. As a typical "baby boomer" who would like the highest quality of life for as long as possible and to be the best most attractive person possible even in the later years, I would like to see more women who are achieving this, more tips on what we can do to look "good" not just be "old", more articles on what we can accomplish and reasons to believe that life is not over just because we are older. We do not want to be written off as living vital women just because our bodies are aging. There has to be more to look forward to besides grey hair and wrinkles and we 60 somethings are looking for advice and encouragement. As Connie Turner pointed out in her article for Parade Magazine titled "Life in the Middle Ages" today, July 21, 2013, in our minds we are 27 while our bodies are getting older. A publication that can enable us to establish an acceptable synergy between how we see ourselves and how we are would be invaluable.


I bought your magazine for the first time just this month, and I was completely spellbound by the article on Cambodia I found inside. While I knew embarrassingly little about the country, I was captivated by the author's rich description of the land, the history, the current state and the prevailing spirit of the people. I was also struck by the author's own journey and struggle with fear, irrelevance, stagnation and desire to live fully. I think just about anybody anywhere can relate to those intense, powerful emotions just as I did. Thanks for bringing such an informative, evocative, and well-written piece to a readership who can appreciate a work of substance.

toni carter06.29.2013

I wanted to let your magazine know that I really enjoyed the book reviews in the July august 2013 issue. also it is really hard to just write a note to say anything at all. trouble navigating your site is frustrating.

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