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by MORE • Editors

In 1995, she was a member of the cast in the film A Walk in the Clouds as the first wife of Keanu Reeves, with whom she had nothing in common! But, she played the part so well!! Also, in the cast included Anthony Quinn & Giancarlo Giannini—no minor actors with whom to work! This was a beautiful film and can be watched by youth—no sex or violence! Scenery is magnificent and a good lesson in life.

--Beatrice A. King

Dear Lesley, I’m one of your faithful “older” readers who stays relatively young by reading your wonderful magazine. I have never felt a need to express my feelings about the magazine before because I found nothing to be upset about. However (don’t you just love that)…..I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not but this last issue (vol.16 #5) was such a disappointment. Not in the reading matter as much as the layout of many of the pages. It seemed too “busy” and the “feel” of the magazine was that it was less “classy”. I don’t know if you have a new art-director or what, but something is different and I hope the magazine goes back to it’s less trashy (YES, I do really feel that way) look. Thank you for my ranting. I look forward to the magazine each month.

--Bette Friedman

Dear Lesley,

I've been an avid reader of More for years.. it's one of the few intellegent magazines left for women but your June issue with its new graphics have destroyed it for me.. Are you going for readers from 10 to 15? It's hard on the eyes.. in your face.. not pleasant or fun"but like a comic book.. I read More for the articles .. you've dumbed down to the point I will not subcribe again.

--Diana Hornig

Hello Lesley- I've been a More subscriber off and on over the years........don't have time to put my opinion on survey.  Just a couple of things- I really have never seen a "Letters to the Editor" in More, am I right and why not?

The last few issues have been such disappointments as far as content- the articles are shallow and boring and using the layout style as seen on pages 66-61 and throughout various issues, is totally annoying visually and just  cheap and unattractive.  I can't put my finger on the tone of this magazine, but it seems you're just throwing information out there such as clothing suggestions  that are silly and meaningless as you've chosen $540. shoes and $415. skirts! I don't even see good advertising pages.  Gave subscription to my dauighter and she asked me to not renew.  I do love Harper's Bazaar and would love to look forward to each issue of More once again. Please try to smooth it out, upgrade the content, add some truly in-depth and interesting articles/stories.  Re: buying the expensive bra in France as few years ago- that was a goodie.

Hope to see some good changes before too long.

Thank you.
--Patricia Dowd

While I love More Magazine and can't wait to read it when it arrives, I have a comment about the pictures taken of the cover story woman.  I noticed that every spread has the woman, this month Debra Messing  shown with her legs wide open.  Why is this?  She had a pillow between her legs, but the pose is very suggestive and reminds me of Playboy or other girlie mags.  I really thought we evolved past this.  Debra Messing and the other women you profile are just as interesting and pretty with their legs closed.

--Kathy Mazzio

Hello Lesley,

After a few years of not reading More, I picked up the June issue at an airport newsstand.  I was very attracted to the "busting our of her comfort zone" theme.  One of the first things I read was your "Letter for Lesley."  One of your comments stuck with me throughout the magazine.  My question to you is, how old do you think you will be when you are too old to enjoy new experiences and  acquiring new skills? --Jill Pfister

Hi There,

I have hesitated to write this email as I've never done this before. But after reading your June issue I feel that I must.

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I really enjoy your email features for ideas for the different ages. It would be nice to see some products that the basic income could afford. Once in awhile one expensive (>$20) product is affordable but a weekly facial is not.

VICKI 06.26.2013

I too don't like your new format. I was also dismayed to read your choice of Sandra Fluke in the May article, "The Fierce List, 50 Women to Inspire You." I would not "force a vegetarian to pay for my hamburger or an atheist to buy me a Bible" (quote in STL Post-Dispatch by Archbishop Robert Carlson, June 26, 2013), so why should Sandra Fluke demand we pay for her contraceptives??!! I too will not renew my subscription.

Robin 06.25.2013

Dear Lesley,
When is someone going to finally take a stand and say "ENOUGH" to the Botox filled, cheek popping, lips bulging celebrities??? When is a Director or Producer or Editor, going to say, "you look awful, leave your face alone if you want to work?" Aging is different for everyone, but some these celebrities look terrible, and I find myself closing magazines, and turning off TV shows. And the sad part is you now see some of the younger Stars having some of these procedures. It's enough! We take a stand for eating disorders and those who are too boney, when is someone going to speak out about these face distortions? What are they saying to our younger generations?
Someone take a stand and say we can love your work, wrinkles or not. Be proud of who you are...Aging gracefully
is not only about wrinkles, but attitude!
Thanx, had to get that off my chest!

Dora Summa06.25.2013

Really enjoyed the June issue! I experienced my own "call to action" a few years ago. I was 40-years old, with a husband and two young daughters and an idea. As a longtime contact lens wearer, I wondered why there wasn't a place - in the tradition of toothbrush holders and soap dishes - for me to safely keep my contact lens case (laying it on a tissue or on the bathroom counter just wasn't good enough). Realizing there wasn't anything out there to solve this problem, I decided to develop it myself. I am proud to say that my product, SECO DISH Contact Lens Case Holder, is available online and in select retailers, is made in the USA and is the only accessory designed to dry, store and care for contact lens cases - yes, I keep my contact lens case on it everyday! My hope is that I've inspired my daughters to not be afraid of failure, to take a chance and know that their ideas can make a difference in the world.

Amy 06.08.2013

Just read your article on the newer skin treatments such as lasers and other chemical treatments. How much of the improvement in your participant's skin is due to the treatments and how much due to the improved lighting, more flattering colored clothing and possibly even more flattering hair color in the after photos? (#1 & #3 appear to have lighter hair in after photos) Shame on you! these new skin treatments are indeed very effective and can have wonderful results. But this kind of exaggeration of effect causes people to have expectations of results that may be unreal!

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