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by MORE • Editors

I was a subscriber of MORE for several years until it was redesigned. I loved the initial concept of your Magazine as I'm a woman in my mid  50's and found it very relatable. I know this is just my opinion, but I find your current format hard to  read and confusing. The spread beginning on page 53 is a perfect reference point. Although this is not great feedback, I feel compelled as an owner of 3  retail stores to let you know that a publication I used to greatly enjoy  is one I no longer do! While looking for contact info on your web site,  I found it very  organized and easy to use and looks great!


Dear Ms. Seymour:

I have been a MORE subscriber for many years now.  I have pretty much liked whatever slight changes were made to the magazine through the years I have been a loyal subscriber.  BUT, I HATE THIS NEW [JUNE] ISSUE.

There is nothing about this "new" look that I like ... I really liked the old one ... esp. the page of witticism that you have now eliminated. I don't find anything interesting or enjoyable about this version.

If this is how MORE will continue to look, I will not be renewing my subscription.

Sincerely Disappointed,
--Robin Schapiro

Lesley Jane Seymour:

In your June column you proclaimed a "call to action." I took you seriously and thought about the things that are important to me in my life, as I move into my early 60's. It is important to me to be honest and not to waste my time.

So I did something I've been thinking about: I cancelled my subscription to More.

I've been a More reader and/or subscriber since the magazine began. I liked the idea of a magazine for women that offered me something beyond just fashion promos and home decoration ideas. And, for years, that is what the magazine gave me -- interesting, thought-provoking articles about women, our issues, and our lives. I liked the personality pieces, I liked the photo spreads and I liked the book reviews.

But something has happened over the last year; the magazine has taken a new direction that does not interest me. It feels like the magazine is becoming a Cosmopolitan clone (do we really need photos of Debra Messing covering her crotch with a pillow)? Shouldn't the point of magazines like More and O be that we are more than sexualized fantasies? Yes, sex and sexuality are an important part of our lives, no matter how old we are. But, we are and should be, well, more.
--Amy Derby
former supporter and subscriber.

I love getting my MORE magazine in the mail. I was shocked this month to see the picture of Debra Messing on page 71. She's a Mom. Would she let her young son see that picture and if he did, what would he think?!? To me...it's soft porn and it should have no place is my favorite magazine!!! Thanks for letting me vent...

Dear Lesley, I have been a subscriber to more this past year. I originally enjoyed your magazine but the two most recent issues turned me off.

In the May issue, your feature article on Lauren Graham began with a photo of her leaning over and exposing her cleavage. Since this is a women's magazine, I found it very distasteful and rather vulgar to look at. Then I pick up my June Issue and see Debbie Messing posing with a pillow to cover her lower half since she only has a tuxedo shirt on .Also, I was not impressed with the story of Miss Messing and her "art of starting over". Is this what we call infidelity today?  These two woman are far from what I would describe as women of style and substance. I think your magazine has become trashier with each issue and instead of making women feel good about ourselves you choose to go ahead and exploit women as sex objects. Shame on you.

I will not be subscribing to your magazine in the future but I hope you will reconsider my thoughts and  present a magazine that features a more sophisticated format for the "More" sophisticated reader you're searching for.

Thank you for your time,
--Patricia Abbott

I just sat down to read my June issue of More and wow -- this issue has definitely been rebuilt.

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I really enjoy your email features for ideas for the different ages. It would be nice to see some products that the basic income could afford. Once in awhile one expensive (>$20) product is affordable but a weekly facial is not.

VICKI 06.26.2013

I too don't like your new format. I was also dismayed to read your choice of Sandra Fluke in the May article, "The Fierce List, 50 Women to Inspire You." I would not "force a vegetarian to pay for my hamburger or an atheist to buy me a Bible" (quote in STL Post-Dispatch by Archbishop Robert Carlson, June 26, 2013), so why should Sandra Fluke demand we pay for her contraceptives??!! I too will not renew my subscription.

Robin 06.25.2013

Dear Lesley,
When is someone going to finally take a stand and say "ENOUGH" to the Botox filled, cheek popping, lips bulging celebrities??? When is a Director or Producer or Editor, going to say, "you look awful, leave your face alone if you want to work?" Aging is different for everyone, but some these celebrities look terrible, and I find myself closing magazines, and turning off TV shows. And the sad part is you now see some of the younger Stars having some of these procedures. It's enough! We take a stand for eating disorders and those who are too boney, when is someone going to speak out about these face distortions? What are they saying to our younger generations?
Someone take a stand and say we can love your work, wrinkles or not. Be proud of who you are...Aging gracefully
is not only about wrinkles, but attitude!
Thanx, had to get that off my chest!

Dora Summa06.25.2013

Really enjoyed the June issue! I experienced my own "call to action" a few years ago. I was 40-years old, with a husband and two young daughters and an idea. As a longtime contact lens wearer, I wondered why there wasn't a place - in the tradition of toothbrush holders and soap dishes - for me to safely keep my contact lens case (laying it on a tissue or on the bathroom counter just wasn't good enough). Realizing there wasn't anything out there to solve this problem, I decided to develop it myself. I am proud to say that my product, SECO DISH Contact Lens Case Holder, is available online and in select retailers, is made in the USA and is the only accessory designed to dry, store and care for contact lens cases - yes, I keep my contact lens case on it everyday! My hope is that I've inspired my daughters to not be afraid of failure, to take a chance and know that their ideas can make a difference in the world.

Amy 06.08.2013

Just read your article on the newer skin treatments such as lasers and other chemical treatments. How much of the improvement in your participant's skin is due to the treatments and how much due to the improved lighting, more flattering colored clothing and possibly even more flattering hair color in the after photos? (#1 & #3 appear to have lighter hair in after photos) Shame on you! these new skin treatments are indeed very effective and can have wonderful results. But this kind of exaggeration of effect causes people to have expectations of results that may be unreal!

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