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by MORE • Editors

Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved what you did with the June 2013 issue.  I had just retired from a college teaching job and was in my first month of “Ahhh!  I want to do something outside of my comfort zone for once!”  And there was the issue to read at my leisure.  Also, my daughter, who is trying to find herself again after having a son 2 ½ years ago (and has gotten into some bad health habits due to lack of sleep and time for herself), loved the article on changing habits.  I ripped it out for her and she read it on the plane home.  She said it was exactly the article she needed to read at the time.

Your June survey is closed, but I wanted to remark on how excellent and fun I thought the magazine was to read and keep!
--Christine Goold

Hi Meredith,

I really enjoyed your article in the latest issue of More about making friends especially about meeting kindred spirits at different ages. My 70 year-old girlfriend and I often commiserate about our youngest children (her baby is a year younger than me and my baby girl is 17). I passed the article along to another girlfriend facing a move with her retirement in a couple of years.

Thanks for the day brightener.  I wish you all the best with your future adventures.

--Susan Winters

Dear MORE,

I have been enjoying MORE for maybe twenty years as a subscriber, but this new look is so dumbed down that I will sadly give it up unless you go back. Hyper does not equal intelligent.

So sorry,

Hello More.  I love the magazine but I feel you are ignoring us.  Who is us?  We are those women in our 70's and older who still work by choice and still want to look good.  I, for one, am an artist and do look grungy when I'm working in my studio but when I'm in the classroom teaching art history on the college level or going to an opening or out with my husband or friends, I want to look good!

I'm not talking about plastic surgery or Botox, I'm talking about fashion.  Obviously, we are a determined group and want to stay in the game.  Please consider my request.   Thank you.

Best regards and carry on
--Susan Turconi

My first More magazine was a gift from my sister just after I marked a significant birthday, lost my job, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (oh yes, and our one and only left for college). To say this was a challenging time in my life would be an understatement. To say motivating stories about loving life, yourself and finding a reason to "Carpe Diem" were critical to me as a I navigated some new "opportunities" would also be an understatement.
Since my sister first gave me the gift subscription, I have often carried the publication with me to read while waiting for appointments, relaxing and of course there are always plenty of great stories worth sharing.  When I noticed the "call for comments" in a recent edition we were out on our pontoon boat.  Much to my surprise, when I lifted the publication off my legs I noticed discoloration. The ATHLETA ad from the back cover had transferred to my skin (if you look closely -- two times over).  Guess that is one way of carrying a message forward ...
Thank you More for the great articles, empowering stories and positive focus. I used the "pay it forward" card to offer More to a friend. What a lovely gesture of sharing goodness and More.
Happy Father's Day (and family day) to you all.
--Susan Sizemore

Dear Ms. Seymour,

As a regular subscriber to MORE Magazine, I wish to make a comment on the great article by Leah Rozen featuring Debra Messing! She is one beautiful lady and I did enjoy watching Will and Grace for many years.

However, Ms. Rozen omitted one very important, though small role of Ms. Messing.

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I really enjoy your email features for ideas for the different ages. It would be nice to see some products that the basic income could afford. Once in awhile one expensive (>$20) product is affordable but a weekly facial is not.

VICKI 06.26.2013

I too don't like your new format. I was also dismayed to read your choice of Sandra Fluke in the May article, "The Fierce List, 50 Women to Inspire You." I would not "force a vegetarian to pay for my hamburger or an atheist to buy me a Bible" (quote in STL Post-Dispatch by Archbishop Robert Carlson, June 26, 2013), so why should Sandra Fluke demand we pay for her contraceptives??!! I too will not renew my subscription.

Robin 06.25.2013

Dear Lesley,
When is someone going to finally take a stand and say "ENOUGH" to the Botox filled, cheek popping, lips bulging celebrities??? When is a Director or Producer or Editor, going to say, "you look awful, leave your face alone if you want to work?" Aging is different for everyone, but some these celebrities look terrible, and I find myself closing magazines, and turning off TV shows. And the sad part is you now see some of the younger Stars having some of these procedures. It's enough! We take a stand for eating disorders and those who are too boney, when is someone going to speak out about these face distortions? What are they saying to our younger generations?
Someone take a stand and say we can love your work, wrinkles or not. Be proud of who you are...Aging gracefully
is not only about wrinkles, but attitude!
Thanx, had to get that off my chest!

Dora Summa06.25.2013

Really enjoyed the June issue! I experienced my own "call to action" a few years ago. I was 40-years old, with a husband and two young daughters and an idea. As a longtime contact lens wearer, I wondered why there wasn't a place - in the tradition of toothbrush holders and soap dishes - for me to safely keep my contact lens case (laying it on a tissue or on the bathroom counter just wasn't good enough). Realizing there wasn't anything out there to solve this problem, I decided to develop it myself. I am proud to say that my product, SECO DISH Contact Lens Case Holder, is available online and in select retailers, is made in the USA and is the only accessory designed to dry, store and care for contact lens cases - yes, I keep my contact lens case on it everyday! My hope is that I've inspired my daughters to not be afraid of failure, to take a chance and know that their ideas can make a difference in the world.

Amy 06.08.2013

Just read your article on the newer skin treatments such as lasers and other chemical treatments. How much of the improvement in your participant's skin is due to the treatments and how much due to the improved lighting, more flattering colored clothing and possibly even more flattering hair color in the after photos? (#1 & #3 appear to have lighter hair in after photos) Shame on you! these new skin treatments are indeed very effective and can have wonderful results. But this kind of exaggeration of effect causes people to have expectations of results that may be unreal!

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