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by MORE • Editors
June Issue Cover

Hi Lesley,

Just wanted to write a little note to tell you how much I enjoy More Magazine.  I am in my thirties and started off stealing the magazine from my mom a couple of years ago and got hooked.  I love the profiles, and the irreverent humor and smart approach to the issues that I find in your pages.  And the books you recommend are winners every time! (I consider myself something of a book snob.)  Keep up the amazing work.


I just read read your wonderful, thoughtful and heartfelt article on Loehmann's and it evoked wonderful memories for me. My mother had been a coat and fur buyer before her marriage and, of course, stopped working when she had children- a different generation. I remember the trips to Klein's on the Square and Alexander's- especially the Alexander's on 3rd avenue. But Loehmann's was the queen of discounts and there were  discounts on the BEST! It was there that I learned to make sure the plaids matched, to watch the way the zipper was sown in and to check the fabric, it was there that I learned to touch the clothes- passing some and choosing others without even taking them off the racks---- and I also loved seeing the limos line up outside the store. However, my store was in the Bronx where I grew up and visits to Loehmann's happened even when I had time  between my  literature Classes at Fordham. It was there that I found that yellow leather suit and - especially -- the hot pink gown that was on Fifth avenue for $600 in 1976 but was in Loehmann's for $100 and was a size smaller- which is still in the back of my closet .My brothers may have attended football games with my father but my mother and I loved clothes and we loved Loehmann's - though my mother never seemed to buy for herself but only for me-I understand the author"s sadness- for a store, for the past and for a mother who is gone .

Thank you for my visit to a very happy time,

--Fran Sullivan Schulz

Hi Lesley,

I hope you are doing well. My name is Megan Scherer. I just want to let you know how much I love the June issue of More. As I was taking my first look through the issue, I immediately stopped at the Just Let It Grow feature. The photos are hilarious and so well done. I love them and can't stop laughing. I really appreciate that your staff doesn't shy away from creating artwork or tackling stories that may be considered quirky or strange. The Hair Happenings story looks totally cool also. I'm sure it was no easy feat to puzzle all of that information together! It's really refreshing to see beauty topics tackled in a way that feels more representative of what women want. I enjoy a good laugh and don't need things to be girly and fluffy all the time. Thanks so much for breaking out of the women's magazine mold.


--Megan Scherer

Good morning Lesley,

Received the June issue yesterday and sat down this morning with my coffee to peruse.  Your "Hirsute of Happiness" drew my attention and I just had to write (first time ever...) to say thank you for sharing a moment of painful vulnerability in your youth.  We all have had those moments.  I especially liked the phrase "17,155 days later, I am exhausted..." I truly laughed out loud!  This speaks volumes to the lengths we go to feel accepted and/or better about our outward appearances.  Not at all TMI - rather just the kind of information that should be shared more often!


When I was about to go to first grade (a traumatic enough experience),my mother decided that I needed to have a permanent.  She bought a"Tonette" home perm kit.  My hair was clear blonde. The setting solution was pink.  When my mother finished with the perm, I had curls- and pink hair!  My clear blonde hair had absorbed the color from the setting solution, so I had the added embarrassment of going to my first day of first grade with pink hair.  As my Norwegian ancestors would say: Uff Da!

--Julie Branford

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