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by MORE • Editors
March 2014 Cover

The statement “Are we going to be a country that forces Midwestern women to be pregnant?” is ridiculous!  In 8th grade health class, I learned what causes women to be pregnant and it isn’t the lack of abortion clinics.  I understand that some women or young girls become pregnant due to rape or incest, but that is a rarity.  Most abortions are for birth control or the convenience of the mother.  Even babies who are conceived under the terrible situations of rape or incest have done nothing to deserve the death penalty.  They could be put up for adoption and it would benefit the mother and the baby as abortion is a horrible thing for a woman to deal with.

I know some people argue that the “thing” abortion removes from a woman’s body is not a baby, but have you never seen an ultrasound showing all the parts of the living being inside or one of the baby trying to move away from the instrument that is inserted in it’s supposed “safe” environment to kill him or her?

Abortion is not a medical procedure, it is a practice of killing the most innocent of the innocent, those who have no say in whether they live or die.  I don’t believe it is right to kill one who performs abortions any more than it is right to kill an unborn baby, but at least the abortionist has options.

Thank you for allowing me to share my feelings.  Again, I am very disappointed in your choice of people to publish.


--Sandra Henderson

I was offended by this article.  I don't think More Magazine should be a place to spew political views.  By publishing this article, it seems to me that you are advocating abortion.  I don't believe in killing over abortion, but I don't believe in murdering babies.


I am writing in regard to the article "The Woman Who Won't Back Down" in the March 2014 issue of More magazine.

Your portrayal of Julie Burkhart as a modern day hero is disappointing and perpetuates the myth that abortion is even necessary in 2014.  "Are we going to be a country that forces Midwestern women to be pregnant?"  I can hardly believe the statement.  Does ANY woman have to be pregnant?  Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  We have FREE birth control here in the Midwest and a multitude of contraceptive options.  It is a ludicrous statement. 

The portrayal of Troy Newman (miniscule) was quite different.  "His office decorated with hunting paraphernalia, a paperweight containing a hologram of an aborted fetus...."  No hero portrayal for him. 

No pro-life person I have every known would applaud the murder of George Tiller.   It is appalling, as is the murder of innocent unborn life. 

Women have a choice.  They have the choice to act responsibly.  To use contraceptives.  They have the choice to value life. 

Let me know when you decide to have an article about a woman who had an abortion and wishes every day of her life that she had not.  Let me know when you have an article about a woman who devotes her life to an organization that supports women and doesn't lead them down the path to their moral and emotional destruction.  Maybe then I will renew my subscription to More magazine and those that I have bought for friends.    As of now, I'm done with More Magazine.

--Ava F. Woelm

Murder is never O.K.   You can't condone assassinating abortion doctors.  But, abortion is not O.K., either.  I'm just blown away by doctors who actually see fetuses moving around on ultrasounds as they kill them who aren't appalled by the practice.  As women we carry children and that's a non negotiable fact of life.  Our choice is before conception not after. 

Having said that, society can't keep condemning a woman for an accidental pregnancy.  When a girl is terrified of her family and community she might look for any way out and an abortion might  look like the only way. 

It is not O.K. to kill  just because a pregnancy is inconvenient.  Adoption is the only acceptable answer. 

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Wendy 04.18.2014

I love the articles, but the fashions are not practical or affordable for someone who works in a rural library and makes very little money.

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