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by MORE • Editors
March 2014 Cover

--Susan Russell

I am writing in response to the March issue article “The Woman Who Won’t Back Down”. I have enjoyed More magazine for a few years now, and have loved it (even sent gift subscriptions to friends!) because of the support, great info, non-offensive material that is in each issue. After reading the article “The Woman Who Won’t Back Down”, I felt that you have lumped all women into the category of being Pro Choice. Which I am not. Yes, Conservative women do read your magazine. To simply put all women into one category isn’t smart. I have a very strong Pro Life stand. I feel that in most cases of unwanted pregnancies, a woman’s choice is whether to engage in sex, or not. Sure, there are plenty of situations that don’t fit that category. We definitely need solutions to those situations. But, I am tired of the world making it seem that the only thing that matters is SEX! Are we all not intelligent enough to realize what causes a pregnancy? To say “Are we going to be a country that FORCES Midwestern women to be pregnant” is ridiculous!!! We do have choices (and once again, I am not talking about rape, etc.) For starters, you can choose to keep your pants on. Realize that sexual relations come with the potential pregnancy. Don’t take it out on an unborn child. I was disappointed in the article and that it made its way into your magazine. I enjoy the important and relevant content of most of your issues, but don’t know if I can support a magazine that supposes I support abortion.


Hi, was just reading my latest issue--wanted you to know that I won't be subscribing again.  Your article about the abortion clinic was the final straw.  It makes a heroine out of a lady that is in the business of taking innocent life.  I didn't realize when I subscribed to your magazine that it was so liberal and I'm sure this letter will not affect your future issues any, but felt led to tell you why I will not be back.

Have a good evening,

--Aleta Anthony


I purchased your March 2014 issue last Thursday while traveling. I was very excited to dig in and read some fascinating and fun articles.

I was completely disappointed by the article "The Woman That Won't Back Down". I found your teaser on the cover to be somewhat ironic "would you risk your life for your beliefs" (you failed to mention that babies die in that so called belief). I am a pro-life person who would have never purchased your magazine if I had know that was the article your were referencing. I am appalled! It was obvious that the editor was a stanch abortion supporter. When I purchased your magazine I was expecting to read articles that pertained to what you advertise:

Celebrates women of style and substance with articles on style, health, work, spirituality and relationships.

Curious as to where that article fit into the above description. Know this...I am a 45 year old successful business woman (I believe I am the demographic that you are seeking)..I will NEVER purchase your magazine again. Stick to who you say you are!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

--Alexa Rae

I recently picked up your March 2014 magazine attracted by your cover. I really enjoyed most of the articles, especially the one on Anna Gunn and what to wear at 30,40,50 or sixty making me think that maybe I should subscribe. Then I came across the article by Amanda Robb “The Woman Who Won’t Back Down” and you lost me. In my twenties on grew up during the first thrust of feminism. While I certainly agree with  women’s rights in job advancement, equal pay for equal work etc., I also draw the line on abortion. As a registered nurse who’s career was spent in obstetrics and GYN issues, I believe vehemently that a woman’s right (?) to abort a child is morally wrong.  

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Wendy 04.18.2014

I love the articles, but the fashions are not practical or affordable for someone who works in a rural library and makes very little money.

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