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March 2014 Cover

This article was totally pro abortion and Julie Burkhart was held up as some kind of icon to continue in the footsteps of her murderous boss Dr. George Tiller….never in the whole article was the RIGHT of a conceived child to be born even alluded to. We as human’s all make choices, some of which result in an unwanted pregnancy, except possibly in the case of rape or incest. To use abortion as a form of birth control is not only a travesty but a very black stain on our humanity. When more is done for unwanted dogs and cats in our society than our children, we have crossed a line that will never be forgiven.

I am for CHILDREN’S rights…those too young, just conceived, or nearly born who have no say in what becomes of them. Women who have abortions and the men and women who support it are misguided in the belief that “everything can be taken care of…no consequences…no shame.”  I know from where I speak after conceiving a child after my husband had a vasectomy. I made the hard choice of continuing the pregnancy, making difficult adjustments to our lives, and now I have a beautiful 33 yr. old daughter who has given me my only wonderful granddaughter so far.

Please, I know your magazine stands up for “women of substance”, but at least have the courtesy to not push your feminist agenda on those of us who are highly offended.

--Cheryl A. Bell

 I did not like the abortion clinic article, because it wasn't clear where the author stood on the issue. 
I'm pro life and pro using birth control and common sense.  The article didn't really seem to fit into the magazine.  But if youre looking for variety,  how about a story about this band from South Africa? (See link below) they are very interesting and even moreso because they have a child together. They are called Die Antwoord.

--M. Dunn

I have a few suggestions for articles. I get the feeling you guys think all of the over-50 crowd are the same, that we're all a bunch of aging feminists. We're not. We're all a bunch of aging everything! Why not have an article on women who hunt and shoot? How about women who live their CHRISTIAN faith, not just who are spiritual. What about women who got screwed over by ObamaCare? I just loved the article you did in this month's issue about abortion. But I'm saying that with dripping sarcasm. I'd rather see an article about women who hunt.

--Jennifer Spooner

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Wendy 04.18.2014

I love the articles, but the fashions are not practical or affordable for someone who works in a rural library and makes very little money.

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