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by MORE • Editors
March 2014 Cover

WOW!! This is my life.    I turned 50 Sept 28,2013 and gosh things have changed.   All for good (c'est Bon) my new phrase.    Anyway, 2 weeks ago we had an estate sale and sold practically our whole house.   We are downsizing from 4300 sq ft down to 2300 sq ft.   I know people do this all the time, but it was a drastic change for me.   My mother and grandmother were all collectors/nice hoarders.   So I just sold it all and am taking steps(baby) to stop that cycle and dig deep to why I shopped so much.   What needs were not being met in my personal life to make shopping(for good deals, Goodwill,Resale shops) so exhilarating.   This is the abbreviated version of all the changes in my life and making it simpler.  I thought it was coincidental that you were saying the same thing.   By the way I really enjoy your magazine.  I am a hairdresser for 29 years and give tips from it all the time.



--Nikki Maranell

Dear More,

Thank you for the piece on How to Command a Room.  I read every word of it.  I'm a small 55 year old professional woman working in a male dominated industry.  To make it worse, the average age in my company is 30.  I learned several great tips and intend to apply them immediately.

Keep 'em coming,

--Nancy Dandridge


Thank you for your editorial.  I just finished reading it, and I had a "lightbulb" moment that I wanted to share with you.  

First, I want to give you a little background on my story.

In January 2009, I found out the brand new house I bought in 2006 was built with toxic Chinese Drywall.  Things were happening in the house, to my dog and to me that could not be explained.   

Once I found out that Chinese Drywall emits 3 nerve gases; hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and a metal, strontium, I realized why the house has so many problems, and my dog and I were dying from the toxins.  I had to make a choice, stay with my stuff or leave it.  I got my dog and left. 

It has been emotionally, physically, and financially devastating.  I will not go into all 5 years of trials and tribulations.  In a short summary, I  was "forced" into bankruptcy and foreclosure by the condo association.  I depleted my savings in 8 months by "doing what was right", paying the mortgage, condo fees, expenses, insurance, taxes, and rent, etc.  I could no longer afford to finance two houses, a toxic one and a healthy one.  I went from sleeping on a made-to-order king size bed with Horchow bedding to sleeping on an air mattress.  My porch furniture (from outside of the house) became my living room furniture. 

Humbling to say the least, but I was alive!

I lost the equity in my home, all my savings, my personal belonging and furnishings, of which I worked hard for 40 years to accumulate.  To this day, I am still battling a condo association that wants me to pay $433 a month condo fees and assessments on a house that I cannot live in, sell or rent (Virginia State Law says if deed remains in your name after foreclosure, the homeowner is still responsible). 

The debacle continues on a daily basis. My American dream became a Chinese nightmare.  My house turned into a gas chamber and now remains a torture chamber. 

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Wendy 04.18.2014

I love the articles, but the fashions are not practical or affordable for someone who works in a rural library and makes very little money.

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