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by MORE • Editors
March 2014 Cover

The March issue was my favorite, by far.  I loved the Letter from the Editor about getting rid of what doesn't matter.  Last year I spent two weeks in Paris for my 45th birthday.  I fell in love with the way French women live.  Their closets aren't cluttered, they don't over-accessorize and they always look exquisite.  When I came home, I donated so many items of clothing (even the faded, much loved Pucci scarf I purchased with my first 'real' paycheck twenty-five years ago.

Downsizing my closet has led to easier dressing in the morning, and to my desire to continue downsizing in other areas of my life.

Two years ago, I went out on disability for three weeks over the summer when I suffered a stress-related MS attack.  The time home gave me time to relax from my stressful, six-figure a year hospice job.  Being home each day allowed me to spend each afternoon sitting on a bench in the gorgeous park across the street from my home.  I soon realized I had no desire to return to the stress and ten-hour days of my job.   I resigned and now work as a consultant, which leaves me plenty of time to enjoy gorgeous days in the park with a good book. I took a huge paycut, but it has all been worthwhile.

Thank you, More, for an exceptionally wonderful issue.

--Dana Vigilante

Good Evening,

I just finished the article in your March issue "Would you risk your life for your beliefs"  Thank you so much for printing that article.  I have really grown to love your magazine and that article touched me very deeply.  The anti abortion movement came to my home town, Milwaukee, with a vengeance in 1992.  I immediately became involved by becoming a clinic escort... for most of 12 years I went to the clinics every Saturday morning to give protection and reassurance to the women as they walked through through the throngs of screaming, accusing (mostly) men.  That work was so real and fulfilling.  I'm a tall, large woman and I am proud to have held hundreds of women, speaking to them with love and compassion while the protesters tried to block them, guilt them, accuse them... not even knowing what services the woman was seeking or her story.

For most of the last 30 of my 50 years I have thought that my calling was to do exactly what Julie Burkhart has done... but... never really pursued it.  I was afraid, not of the protesters and the violence, but of how much it would scare my family...  Julie's story has reignited this passion inside of me... who knows where I might go with it. Thank you so much for sharing her story with us... She is a true, brave American heroine.

Warmest regards,

--Natasha Mansur-Ruf

I appreciated the article "The Woman Who Won't Back Down" about the courage of Julie Burkhart.  She is carrying on the much needed work of Dr. George Tiller who was brutally murdered.  True articles like this are one of the reasons I love More. 

--Marjorie Hass

First off ... I have to say I absolutely love this magazine.  With everything made available on the internet ... I found myself NOT purchasing magazines ... This was the best BACK TO MAGAZINE purchase I ever made ...

It brings me back to a much simpler life ... not behind a screen ... hands on, bookmark and hightlights ... :)  Thank you.

Now .. I do have a question ... the article portraying Anna Gunn ... LOVED IT.  I also LOVE the pink top she is wearing ... any way you can disclose where I can purchase one of the same?  

Thank you for you time.   Keep up the good work/articles.   I now have my 20 year old reading it :)

--Deb Sachsenmaier

Dear Lesley,

I just read your "letter from the editor"

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Wendy 04.18.2014

I love the articles, but the fashions are not practical or affordable for someone who works in a rural library and makes very little money.

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