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by MORE • Editors
May 2014 Cover

There's a remark in this edition of your magazine about movies mothers...it's really offensive and distressingly inadequate. Are you making those remark just to sell your magazine? Well shame on you! You should be giving a voice to those women and mothers making a difference in the life of others rather than putting them down with your incompetent journalism. Better do what's right and apologize. It takes very little grassroots' social network effort to put a shameful magazine like yours out of business


Dear More Magazine –

You might want to explain to you advertisers once MORE who your readers are and how best to appeal to them. Maybe it’s just me, but when I see an ad in your magazine displaying a model who is half my age (I’m 49), I get turned off to whatever the product is they are trying to sell. In the most recent issue (May 2014), opposite the Contents page was a full-page ad for NIC+ZOE. The person in the ad appears to be about twelve years old. I was initially confused – not sure why an advertiser would be trying to sell children’s clothes in MORE. Look, not every ad in MORE Magazine has to feature a 40+ model; however, if an advertiser really wants MORE readers to consider its clothing line, that advertiser ought to consider a more mature-looking woman to model them. Bottom line, I am no longer a teenager, and I have no interest in wearing clothing that a teenager might wear.

--Amy Brandais

Good afternoon,

I have been a reader of More Magazine for several years.  I either subscribed or I buy it in the stores.

I have always enjoyed the articles about life's 2nd ACTS!  Actually because of reading the many articles about brave women who dared to take a step outside the box, I too have done just that.  I wanted to write you and tell you because unlike so many of the articles I read I started my 2nd ACT with my life's savings.  I did not have a high power job that left me with thousands or even millions in the bank. I am not a movie star or model who can afford to start over.  I started my Musical Melodrama Theatre the good old fashioned way, with my life's savings and with investors that I had to go out and find.  I think this is important for your readers to know because your readers are everyday women just like me.  They are in the workforce and are working many hours a week to provide for their family.  Some of them are single moms like me and some of them have to take on more than one job to make ends meet.  They need to know that they can also achieve such success by reading about someone who achieved it and who is just like them. 

I enjoyed ready about Marlo Thomas, Victoria Beckham, Martha Stewart and the others, but these individuals already had so much going for them and funds that go along with their past careers.  It is much easier to get a loan from a bank for what you would like to do if you are Martha Stewart.  There is a difference with regards to how difficult this journey is depending on what you have and who you are.  I am sure these folks had difficult beginnings I do not deny that.

It took me three years to find the investors and  a bank to fund my project.  I had to go from bank to bank and plead my case until one bank believed in me and decided to help.

I am a 58 year old women who did this on her own and I believe it would be nice to hear about 2nd ACTS from everyday ordinary women who had to work extra hard to make their dream come true.  It can happen to us as not so famous people  and I am proof of that. 

I am sure you receive many emails and I am not even sure if you read these.  But if you do I appreciate your time.

Thank you,

--Nancy LaViola

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