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by MORE • Editors
May 2014 Cover

Good afternoon!

I recently finished reading the May issue (in one sitting I might add) and felt compelled to write. I must congratulate you on your best issue ever!  As a 51 year old woman entering menopause, this issue inspired and rejuvenated me at a time when it is most crucial.  There are countless books on what to expect during menopause (hot flashes, mood swings, etc.), but nothing touches on the unexpected, almost instant weight gain, change of skin, body and all around feeling about oneself, not to mention the sudden contemplation of your past and future life.

Beginning with the story on Diane Keaton, my eyes were opened to accept the changes that are occurring not only within my body but also my mind.  To begin to see life through a “different” set of eyes, and to enjoy what, thanks to life getting in the way, I have taken for granted up to this point.

Then to read the stories of “What it means to live fearlessly” and how each individual overcame their particular situation, only emphasized my most recent feelings of, “you only live once, and yes the days are getting shorter.”  I find I care less about what people think of me and more about what makes me happy ~ even if that means stepping outside my comfort zone.

Thanks to this issue I feel I will endeavor to seek out more fun, worry less about how my hair or makeup looks for the day, search for looser fitting tops to cover the sudden growth in my mid-section (though not too easy for a 4’ 10” woman without looking like a walking sack of potatoes!), enjoy the scents and scenes around me more and relish my husband, children and grandchildren.

Thanks MORE!!!!! 

--Susan Eckert

Thank you so much for the phenomenal cover photo and article on Diane Keaton.  I absolutely love her and she has always been my role model.  She gets more and more gorgeous with age, so much so, that when people ask me my thoughts on aging, I tell them that I have lots of "Diane Keaton-ness" ahead of me.  While she was adorable in Annie Hall, growing into herself in The Godfather, pretty in both Father of the Bride movies, it wasn't until she made Somethings' Gotta Give that I truly realized that this is woman who gets more stunningly beautiful as she ages.   She isn't hiding her wrinkles or foolishly filling her face with Botox.  She's aging beautifully and naturally.  She's the reason that at 46, I stopped coloring my hair fifteen years ago.  I aspire to be as gorgeous as Ms. Keaton in twenty years.  Great job, More!

--Dana Vigilante


I've just rediscovered More after having been disappointed in it many years ago. I saw the May cover at the drugstore (with that eye-catching photograph of Diane Keaton) and it piqued my interest, so I subscribed to the iPad edition. I just read the June issue and liked it so much (Delia Ephron's piece was a hoot) that I bought the May issue. It occurred to me that you might want to hear a bit of praise (we all do), so I'm writing to tell you: the layout, the content... it's all clever, informative, and enjoyable to read. Congratulations on a great magazine!

--Aimee Fried, Esq.

I have a suggestion regarding Andrea Robinson's advice in the May issue.  She recommends skipping the Gift With Purchase offered by many cosmetic companies.  I always get the gift (and I don't buy anything I wouldn't use anyway).  Whatever cosmetic items I can't use (wrong color, etc.) I donate to a women's shelter here in town, along with the little pouches.  The people who run the shelter say the women that come there love the little pouches because they help them organize their belongings.

--Robbie Davis

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