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by MORE • Editors

Please say it isn't true?  When I pulled the November issue from my mailbox and saw the beautiful (and 36 year old) Sarah Michelle Gellar and the words "How to age well at 30, 40, 50", I sighed a sad sigh. MORE has always been the one magazine I could count on for an over-40 year old perspective. It's what made you unique and my favorite read. Now it looks like you are reaching out to a younger demographic, and you are going to be just like all the other women's magazines. I doubt I'll renew if this is where you are heading.
--Amanda Simonian

Dear Lesley,

I have been a subscriber of your magazine for quite a while now(at least 7 or 8 years).  I am 51 years of age.  I also recommended your magazine to many of my friends and women I deal with in my career since there never seemed to be a magazine that was focused on our age group.  I ordered a subscription for my sister (49) and a co-worker (52).  When I read your article saying you would be changing the magazine to allow it to include 30 year old women too I was disappointed since I felt you sold out like all the other magazines have and are making it “YOUTH” focused.  I thought I would wait and read a couple of issues before sending a letter to the editor.  Two other women that read your magazine both brought up to me how disappointing the latest issues have been.  There are so many magazines out there already that are for this age group and what most women I know liked about MORE magazine was the fact that our life was full and exciting at 40, 50 and 60 and our lives, fashion and stories were finally represented in your magazine.  I will not be renewing my subscription and I know of a few others who will not be renewing either.  I find it sad that a magazine would change from a magazine of substance to a youth oriented fashion magazine.
--Donna L. Ouellette


Last night I read this article and it was a huge breakthrough for me. As a child I was verbally and physically abused and as a teen, had a mom with severe mental illness ended up in an abusive relationship where I was strangled and almost died numerous times aside from the stalking and broken bones. I've had years of therapy but have been told that my "sympathetic nerve" is always on. Although my life has been great for 20 years I have issue with stress, tension, joints, etc. I had shingles at age 30... I wish the article had more info on how to re-wire your brain/body but at least it helps me understand this but hope that it is not an early death sentence and can be reversed somehow.


Good morning to you,

I frequently buy More magazine as I am in my 40’s and find much of the information in it useful and enjoyable to read. I was disappointed however, when I saw your new App instruction in the magazine. It’s one thing to have an app or additional online information available as an addendum to a story, but on your “French women” story in the November 2013 issue, the only way to get the author’s can’t live without French products was to install the app. Whatever happened to just reading a magazine? Now to find out the foundation of the article I have to get my iphone and download an app that I don’t want? Why? Just list the products in the article please....very disappointing. More ruined a nice leisurely experience with this app business.
--Jennifer Swisher

I've subscribed to MORE for years, mostly because it targeted an older demographic -- me -- than the many other mags already out there. Putting 36-year-old Sarah Michelle Gellar on your cover shocked 52-year-old me -- and my 29-year-old daughter.

It's a cheap reach for audience and a betrayal to your original supporters. I'm canceling my subscription now.
--JoNel Aleccia

It continues to always surprise me that you never include young, hip, fit, passionate 60 year olds and up in your magazine.  Especially the new cover that only goes up to 50 years old…

Do you think we are too old for you??  We’re not your grandmothers’ 60s, you might remember.

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Lulu Shelley12.01.2013

When I first discovered More is 2004 I was 44. I was so excited to find a magazine that discussed issues revelant to my age and older. I recommended this magazine to all my friends and became a subscriber. I have been reading letter after letter how you have changed it, along with you editorial discussing this a few months back. Maybe the magazine was losing money, who know? I almost hope that was the reason you changed it other than just making it your own, putting your stamp on it. This was not the vision of the founder and I would be furious if you did that.
I used to spend t least an hour on my first read through. Now, I spend about 30 minutes. The articles aren't as intriguing, but mostly it is do to the font size. I have to put on my bifocals to attempt to read your magazine, and even then I start skimming throught it. Too much type squeezed in narrow rows with small fonts.
I plan on letting my subscription run out. It's a crying shame what you've done to this one magazine for us.

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