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by MORE • Editors

I will be cancelling my subscription, if you don’t start to include us with all the other wonderful women you profile.  We are alert, conscious, very metaphysical and aware, and it might behoove you to think of us once in a while.

Plus, we have money to spend on your advertisers!!

Thank you,
--Bess Scher

Just one question.  Why didn't you use models that actually have bellies to camouflage?

--Jennifer McClellan Sanders

When did More begin covering women in their 30's? 

I thought the whole premise behind More was creating a magazine that celebrated women in the 40's, 50's 60's and so on...30's?? Since when?!

On November's issue, Michelle Gellar is on the cover-a cute, sweet kid-but a kid nonetheless!!  

I have been a subscriber of More magazine for close to ten years, and this year, my subscription WILL NOT be renewed. 

I used to love getting More delivered to my home, and I looked forward to finally reading a magazine that I could relate to with regard to age appropriateness. I didn't necessarily see myself in every article nor featured story, but I still found it interesting, inspirational, educational and entertaining to get a glimpse into the lives of my fellow-aged women!

I can not believe that November's cover also states "How To Age Well At 30, 40, 50".  At last check at my local newsstand, 30's had over 13 magazines/publications to reference. Why couldn't More have kept its original target market and have continued to be a magazine for women 40 and older?  Do women in their 30's have such purchasing power that More felt it had to compromise its original premise?  Or is it the opinion of More that a 30 something women is "more sellable" on the cover than her 10 year older counterpart?  

As a 53 year old woman, mother of 3, second act career, married for 22 years, dealing with a mother with severe Alzheimer's, I enjoy and absorb the wisdom of those who have "been there, done that". I learn from their successes and try not to repeat their mistakes; More previously introduced me to those women. In all honesty, as cute as Michelle Gellar is, she lacks life experiences and along with those experiences, wisdom follows.

So thanks, More.  It's been a great ride.  I truly am so sorry to end this relationship, but I guess all good things must come to an end.

More is the new Less.

--Kim Thoresen


I felt compelled to write since each month you give us an opportunity to express our feelings to you. After years of reading "younger" magazines I embraced "More" when it came out. I thought it the perfect magazines for middle age women. (40's,50's and 60's) Women are younger in appearance and style today, than generations before them.

Gradually, I have seen "More" go over to a younger generation of women. What happened to women who are still "young" and in there 60's? I am 61 and I have ordered your magazine since its conception and order one yearly for my sister as well.

Now, I am feeling that it is meant for younger women both with articles and  the large budget for clothes that your models wear. I don't feel the average woman  can afford the clothes you endorse each month in your magazine.  I would never spend $795. on a shirt or a skirt to go to work or hang out in. I live in an affluent area and I can honestly say that women I know are more conservative about cost of their clothes though certainly most don't need to be.

Please go back to a more middle age generation. There are already too many magazines for teens to 30 year old and we just don't need another.
--Nancy Jankovsk

I wanted to speak to someone about WHY you now cater to the 30's !!!!

The sole reason I have subscribed to More ( and love it ) was so I did

not have to skip so much that was way too young for me ! I am almost 58,

and do not want to look at things I cannot wear or do !! They have so

many other mags for that age range, all I can ask is WHY, WHY, WHY ? I

am not sure I will renew this time, because before we all know it More

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Lulu Shelley12.01.2013

When I first discovered More is 2004 I was 44. I was so excited to find a magazine that discussed issues revelant to my age and older. I recommended this magazine to all my friends and became a subscriber. I have been reading letter after letter how you have changed it, along with you editorial discussing this a few months back. Maybe the magazine was losing money, who know? I almost hope that was the reason you changed it other than just making it your own, putting your stamp on it. This was not the vision of the founder and I would be furious if you did that.
I used to spend t least an hour on my first read through. Now, I spend about 30 minutes. The articles aren't as intriguing, but mostly it is do to the font size. I have to put on my bifocals to attempt to read your magazine, and even then I start skimming throught it. Too much type squeezed in narrow rows with small fonts.
I plan on letting my subscription run out. It's a crying shame what you've done to this one magazine for us.

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