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by MORE • Editors

will be too young for people my age ! What a shame

A loyal ( and disappointed subscriber )
--Chris Martino

After reading the past few issues I started thinking that the magazine is not what it claims to be - for the mature reader.  The clothes are too expensive and the women featured in second acts generally had a successful career (and a nest egg) before choosing to do something else.  Yesterday the November issue arrived with a 36 year old on the cover.  "No more More."
--Marti Sterin


I love your magazine and read it regularly.   What disappoints me (and my

co-workers) is that your target audience is "women of style & substance'

presumably over the age of 30 or 40.

Take a look at the Estee Lauder ad - page 2 & 3 of November issue.....give

me a break - those are not real people.  They are airbrushed teenagers!

I realize you need advertisers, but can't you request that they create ads

that real women can relate to? Thank you
--Lynda J. Kemp


I am a big fan of MORE. I fully enjoy reading the substantive articles and appreciate seeing images of women who embrace and celebrate the wisdom that comes with experience over time. Healthy, natural aging is inspiring.

I have trouble reconciling the substance of natural, beautiful aging with the advertisements that appear every few pages in which I am being told that aging is so ugly that it must be surgically corrected.

Additionally, broadening your target audience to include women in their 30's seems to dilute the appeal and original purpose of the publication. I am not sure if MORE speaks to me as well as it once did.

Thank you,
--Jody Ritter

I have been reading MORE magazine since I turned 40, 10 years ago. Whereas I embrace every age, if I wanted to read about 30-some year olds (Sarah Michelle Geller on the cover), I would buy any other magazine in the market. I thought the whole point of MORE was focusing on middle age and beyond. I want to read something I can relate to at this time in my life. 

Thank you!

I discovered "More" when I was in my mid-thirties, and one  of the first things I did when I turned 40 was subscribe to it. In the dozen years since, I have faithfully renewed my subscription each year and purchased gift subscriptions for special women in my life. We all enjoyed "More" because it was geared for women of a "certain age". This is why your recent decision to broaden your magazine's focus by appealing to  30-something women has been a real disappointment; it seems as though at least half the magazines currently available are already geared to that age group. Abandoning your original target audience has taken away what made "More" special and I'm not sure that I will be renewing my subscription, or any of the gift subscriptions I've purchased, when they come due again. Hopefully another publication will step in to fill the void your decision has now left.
--D. Neff

I really enjoy MORE magazine but I had great difficulty reading the November 2013 issue. The perfumed insert had permeated the issue with its aroma.

Is it possible to avoid such inserts? If not for all issues for those people with serious allergy reactions to perfume aromas?

Thank you.

I appreciate your attention.

--Lorraine Gibson

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Lulu Shelley12.01.2013

When I first discovered More is 2004 I was 44. I was so excited to find a magazine that discussed issues revelant to my age and older. I recommended this magazine to all my friends and became a subscriber. I have been reading letter after letter how you have changed it, along with you editorial discussing this a few months back. Maybe the magazine was losing money, who know? I almost hope that was the reason you changed it other than just making it your own, putting your stamp on it. This was not the vision of the founder and I would be furious if you did that.
I used to spend t least an hour on my first read through. Now, I spend about 30 minutes. The articles aren't as intriguing, but mostly it is do to the font size. I have to put on my bifocals to attempt to read your magazine, and even then I start skimming throught it. Too much type squeezed in narrow rows with small fonts.
I plan on letting my subscription run out. It's a crying shame what you've done to this one magazine for us.

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