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by MORE • Editors
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Dear Editor,
After reading your article on hormone pellet therapy I was quite dismayed at the narrow minded approach that was taken by your journalist, Cathryn Jakobson Ramin.  She obviously did not take the time to interview anyone who has been a recipient of the correct method of hormone pellet therapy nor did she spend time thoroughly  doing her due diligence to present a balanced view from both sides.   I personally have been a hormone pellet patient whose life has literally been changed for the better because of the proper method of hormone pellet therapy administered by a certified BioTE® physician.  I personally know at least 100 people in my circle of friends who are currently benefiting as well.
For years I suffered with the debilitating symptoms of surgically induced menopause.  Being told over and over again by physicians I was fine, when in fact I knew how I felt and I knew I was NOT fine.  Being 30 years old and going through menopause was NO fun.  Finally,  I was introduced to hormone pellet therapy by Dr. Gary Donovitz, and as I said before, it profoundly changed my life.    Women and men who suffer from all of the symptoms I suffered from can be helped safely and naturally through hormone pellet therapy and it is disconcerting at best to hear the same old rhetoric in your article I heard for years from physicians who were uninformed.    As a patient, all I know is that for the last 5 years I have been healthier and happier than ever before and have had significant relief from all of my symptoms.  I know I am protecting my heart, my bones, my brain and my breasts along with a vigor and zest for life I haven’t experienced in years.
My hope in writing to you is that you will challenge your journalist to do some real journalistic research.  She has actually done women in the More age range a real disservice by her biased and unsubstantiated article.
Thank you for taking the time to consider what this More reader has to say.
--Diane Ramsey


I just wanted to comment in the article about Peru in your October 2013 issue.  You need to be very careful what you tell people to do when they are traveling.  I know Peru well and you NEVER take the planes in or over machu pichu. They have a very high accident ratio.  Also you never travel to and from places in Peru by bus or train at night (Americans).  Too many express kidnappings.  If you check our U.S. government page on travel outside the us that will give you all current info for Americans traveling over there.  


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Thank you for such a fantastic and enlightening issue for October. From the Queen Latifah interview to the eye opening article regarding incest by Kathryn Harrison, it was an enjoyable page turner! I have a small confession to make though - one of my favorite things in every issue is the Notebook page. It always gives me fun quick facts or sometimes just a few laughs. Thanks agin for putting out a magazine that is both intelligent and entertaining.

Lulu Witcoff10.17.2013

Your article about the female conductor Marian Alsop was terrific except that I was stunned that you did not mention that she was the first female conductor at Sir Albert Hall of the BBC's Last Night of the Proms in the Park 2013 in London this past September. I was lucky enough to attend that performance and I was thrilled to see the first woman conductor AND an American! The Last Night of the Proms culminates 58 nights of music and is an amazing spectacle - she was also witty, entertaining - fabulous!!


As a woman who has tried both bioidentical and FDA approved HRT I am shocked by the misleading and quite frankly, slanderous spin of this article. I could write a novel about the years I tried to help my body get through menopause with chemical "equivalents". I could write another novel about how a Naturopathic physician who prescribed compounded BHRT (in cream form, which is better absorbed than pill form) helped me feel like a vibrant woman again, not some nut job bouncing off walls, growing facial hair and a penis from the one-size-fits-all FDA approved horse urine therapy. But I will simply say this, your story is blatantly irresponsible and will only serve to get more women interested in drugs, which will help the FDA to achieve its goal of tapping into that $2.5 billion dollar biodentical "industry". The government needs to get its hands off of my body and moreover, my constitutional right to choose what I put into it. Thank you very much, I'll pick yams over pregnant horse urine every time.

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