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by MORE • Editors
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Greetings Lesley! I just opened my issue of More and read your letter titled "Why you should mentor".  THANK YOU so much! I believe there are few coincidences in life and this was timely for me. I have just recently volunteered as a mentor for a local Church-based University MBA - Entrepreneur program. I have started or been partners in several start-ups and while none have been wildly successful, I thought maybe I could help someone with my experience and knowledge.  I am also beginning to write my PhD dissertation (HRD/OD) and while my topic doesn't involve mentoring, I am so ready to jump out and make a difference. At the same time, there was a voice that was saying... are you sure this is a good idea?  Your article gives me even more reason to be confident in my decision!!!

Thank you ---and I love MORE!

 Hi Lesley,

I'd like to first commend you on your opportunity to travel to Brazil as a member of the Global Ambassadors Program. I found this article a delight to read and one I could personally relate to having been a former member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization.

Women and men both can benefit from career driven and influential women like yourself. I think personally it promotes the idea and belief that anything is attainable in life if you strive towards those goals each day. Mentors echo this notion greatly by helping others. While at the same time they too are rewarded. That reward? Well its the joy and satisfaction one receives from helping someone else, and learning the ideals that they share as well.

This is actually my first time reading MORE and this is the first article I read. I thoroughly enjoyed it! So please keep them coming.

--Camille Pride

I LOVE MORE magazine for a host of reasons and in the words of talk show host Wendy Williams, YOU are one my girlfriends (in my head) - enjoy  your monthly letters.

The article on Queen Latifah was excellent and though I've been a fan for sometime, the writer hooked me up with a few more insights. I'm now going to add the Queen's talk show to my DVR schedule.

My one criticism:  disappointed that you've dropped the age of women profiled in the magazine to something under 40. As someone who has had a love affair with magazines since I was 13 (when I was reading titles far more mature than my age and experiences warranted), I thought it was uber cool when MORE emerged as the magazine for "older" ladies. I'm now 50, been reading MORE since the beginning, and love that there is a book that addresses topics relevant to my life.

Why did you have to deviate from the vision?  There are other options for the 30-something crowd.  I read your reasons why and I'm not with you. I have this eerie feeling that the book is going to start skewing younger. The fact that one of the cover model winners is 33 supports my suspensions.

But hey, if the decision is ultimately for business reasons, I can understand. Time will have to tell if the book continues to appeal to my needs.

In the meantime, I'll just continue to enjoy my monthly issues of MORE.

Hello. I am a fan of More and just have a general comment. I am 47 and do not yet use reading glasses. I find it ironic that the font size is smaller than average in most of the articles, and your magazine is for more mature women.  I'm on the verge of finding it uncomfortable to read compared to my other magazines.
--Debbie Ugarte

Your October 2013 article “The Hormone Hoax Thousands Fall For” contains some valuable information about how careful women should be with hormones or anything they put into their bodies. But by raising the specter of the New England Compounding Center tragedy so far out of context, you unfairly denigrate the pharmacists who provide vital medicine to countless women suffering from the debilitating symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Many parts of the article read like marketing material for the Food and Drug Administration and the commercial drug manufacturing industry.

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Thank you for such a fantastic and enlightening issue for October. From the Queen Latifah interview to the eye opening article regarding incest by Kathryn Harrison, it was an enjoyable page turner! I have a small confession to make though - one of my favorite things in every issue is the Notebook page. It always gives me fun quick facts or sometimes just a few laughs. Thanks agin for putting out a magazine that is both intelligent and entertaining.

Lulu Witcoff10.17.2013

Your article about the female conductor Marian Alsop was terrific except that I was stunned that you did not mention that she was the first female conductor at Sir Albert Hall of the BBC's Last Night of the Proms in the Park 2013 in London this past September. I was lucky enough to attend that performance and I was thrilled to see the first woman conductor AND an American! The Last Night of the Proms culminates 58 nights of music and is an amazing spectacle - she was also witty, entertaining - fabulous!!


As a woman who has tried both bioidentical and FDA approved HRT I am shocked by the misleading and quite frankly, slanderous spin of this article. I could write a novel about the years I tried to help my body get through menopause with chemical "equivalents". I could write another novel about how a Naturopathic physician who prescribed compounded BHRT (in cream form, which is better absorbed than pill form) helped me feel like a vibrant woman again, not some nut job bouncing off walls, growing facial hair and a penis from the one-size-fits-all FDA approved horse urine therapy. But I will simply say this, your story is blatantly irresponsible and will only serve to get more women interested in drugs, which will help the FDA to achieve its goal of tapping into that $2.5 billion dollar biodentical "industry". The government needs to get its hands off of my body and moreover, my constitutional right to choose what I put into it. Thank you very much, I'll pick yams over pregnant horse urine every time.

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