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by MORE • Editors
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Just had to comment on 2 articles in More Issue with Queen La on the cover. FYI - My husband, Jerry Kaplan, was President of the Magazine Group of Meredith and retired in 2003 - so I always read it cover to cover perhaps, with a little "personal" eye. I have never responded to an article before but just had to  on the following:

"The Hormone Hoax Thousands Fall For" is such an important piece I felt it was worthy of a more prominent position.  It was so thorough and so  timely. So many women I know headed or are heading down that road. A physician actually came to talk to our golf community in Florida and tried to encourage us all to take these hormones.  It really does need a higher profile for people to understand the enormous risks. The article on "My bad-hair life" touched on a subject I have struggled with and everything the author said I could relate to. However, she left out the many great solutions that are available nowadays. ie. Clip-on hair pieces (that actually relate to the article "It's time to change your looks"). These clip-on pieces have changed my look, along with many other people I know, who are far away from wearing wigs.  They clip on and blend in with your own hair. There are also places like "Hair Club" that have other viable solutions. This article seemed in direct contrast with "It's time to change your looks" and I think it would be more helpful for your readers to learn about their options.

FYI - At a Ladies' Golf League luncheon, I brought More to pass on to a friend. Some of the Ladies felt that More was now appealing to a younger audience - especially since one of the finalists was 33. I understand why this unique and brave gal was selected but I think the editors have to be more sensitive to their market.

Hope this was helpful.
--Donna Kaplan

Cathryn Jakobson Ramin 's article "The Hormone Hoax Thousands Fall For" is a Hoax in itself.  She knew nothing what she was talking about and it is obvious to those of us who have been receiving SottoPella pellets for years. It is also obvious she is connected in some way to pharmactical companies and we know they do not have the public's interest at heart. 

I had never heard of this magazine until a friend told me to read this article.  It would be wise if you printed Dr Tuttera's letter in you magazine to let men and women learn of the better side. 
--Sandy Gally

I must say that your article The Hormone Hoax Thousands Fall For by Catthryn Jakobson Ramin was the WOST AMA/FDA propaganda that I have ever read.  And I have read more than a few.  I don’t know who you think your readers are or what year you think this is but I am not my grandmother and I do not swallow any pill that the AMA is pushing.  You presume we are ignorant and ill informed.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Most people who are rebel enough to choose a nontraditional form  of treatment are very well read and studied.  We have learned a simple truth.  Phd does not equal God and AMA is not the only source of information or truth.   You may note that the USA is not the only place on the planet where modern medicine is practiced.  If you step outside of this country you will find many research institutes and scientist who have actually studied and ran test.  So when you make a statement that researchers have not published a head to head comparison of bioidenticals and conventional HT in terms of risk for stroke, cancer and other illnesses you might do well to mention American research or AMA research.  The fact that the AMA does not recognize such research which disagrees with its opinions on subjects it has NOT studied and researched does not mean the information has not been studied and researched.

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Thank you for such a fantastic and enlightening issue for October. From the Queen Latifah interview to the eye opening article regarding incest by Kathryn Harrison, it was an enjoyable page turner! I have a small confession to make though - one of my favorite things in every issue is the Notebook page. It always gives me fun quick facts or sometimes just a few laughs. Thanks agin for putting out a magazine that is both intelligent and entertaining.

Lulu Witcoff10.17.2013

Your article about the female conductor Marian Alsop was terrific except that I was stunned that you did not mention that she was the first female conductor at Sir Albert Hall of the BBC's Last Night of the Proms in the Park 2013 in London this past September. I was lucky enough to attend that performance and I was thrilled to see the first woman conductor AND an American! The Last Night of the Proms culminates 58 nights of music and is an amazing spectacle - she was also witty, entertaining - fabulous!!


As a woman who has tried both bioidentical and FDA approved HRT I am shocked by the misleading and quite frankly, slanderous spin of this article. I could write a novel about the years I tried to help my body get through menopause with chemical "equivalents". I could write another novel about how a Naturopathic physician who prescribed compounded BHRT (in cream form, which is better absorbed than pill form) helped me feel like a vibrant woman again, not some nut job bouncing off walls, growing facial hair and a penis from the one-size-fits-all FDA approved horse urine therapy. But I will simply say this, your story is blatantly irresponsible and will only serve to get more women interested in drugs, which will help the FDA to achieve its goal of tapping into that $2.5 billion dollar biodentical "industry". The government needs to get its hands off of my body and moreover, my constitutional right to choose what I put into it. Thank you very much, I'll pick yams over pregnant horse urine every time.

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