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by MORE • Editors
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YES! Is what I said out loud when I got the October 2013 issue. As much as I love More, I've been waiting to see a woman of color on the cover. And what a perfect choice. Queen Latifah is the epitome of a beautiful, talented and down to earth African American woman and a force to be reckoned with. Kudos More; officially hooked.

Incest: The Epilogue by Kathryn Harrison - I became more and more amazed as I read through every single page of this article. I couldn't stop myself from reading it to the end.

Tightly written from an almost oblique point of view, this heartbreaking story is some of the best writing I've ever discovered in More.  And I say "discovered" literally because it was tucked into a generic category called "people/places" in your table of contents. Reading this was like watching a slow-burning fuse come to it's inevitable end. Incredible. 

--Sue Keller

Thank you MORE for your consistently accurate, reliable reporting on women's health.  Your article on bio-identical hormones was spot-on.  One element omitted:  In 1994, Congress passed a law called DSHEA.  It states that short of claiming illness cure, any supplement may make any claim without any need for supportive evidence.  Supplement manufacturers determine the purity, dose, indications, benefits, and safety of products, and the FDA must prove harm.  "Animal extracts", ie, bio-identical hormones, are considered supplements.  Hence, it is completely legal to inflate the benefits while minimizing or eliminating the harms.  Caveat emptor!
--Laurie Green MD

Dear More Magazine,

Thank you so much for publishing an article about classical music (Marin Alsop - October)!  I teach choir in the public schools in Iowa and it's refreshing to see a magazine write about a topic that not too many people can relate to,but one that is so important.  It's not an unknown fact that throughout the entire nation, music education funding is shrinking more and more each year.  I'm so glad that a magazine is making mention of this art form - the more it's seen in the public eye, the better chance it has of sticking around throughout society.  THANK YOU!
--Kara S.

I have been enjoying your issues of More more and more each month. You truly do present content for women who are looking for substance and style. I just wanted to share that the article on Marin Alsop brought tears to my eyes. I'm in awe of what she has accomplished and applaud her for achieving the success that she has. I just love hearing about women who are a force for good and who are changing the status quo, and who are real (and not fake, botox-filled celebrities). I love classical music and hope that conductors like her will help America learn to appreciate it too.

With so little time to sit and read these days, using the precious little time I do have to read inspiring stories like hers makes my day that much better. Keep doing what you're doing, please!

And p.s., I am an event planner in San Francisco. I've noticed that many of your events are in New York, but if you ever consider a West Coast event please call on me to assist!
--Denise Goldstein

Thanks for including Queen Latifah on the cover. I wanted to purchase the magazine before, but when I only see white women on the cover I feel let down. Oprah proves having a woman of color on the front cover, sales.
--Angela Stewart

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Thank you for such a fantastic and enlightening issue for October. From the Queen Latifah interview to the eye opening article regarding incest by Kathryn Harrison, it was an enjoyable page turner! I have a small confession to make though - one of my favorite things in every issue is the Notebook page. It always gives me fun quick facts or sometimes just a few laughs. Thanks agin for putting out a magazine that is both intelligent and entertaining.

Lulu Witcoff10.17.2013

Your article about the female conductor Marian Alsop was terrific except that I was stunned that you did not mention that she was the first female conductor at Sir Albert Hall of the BBC's Last Night of the Proms in the Park 2013 in London this past September. I was lucky enough to attend that performance and I was thrilled to see the first woman conductor AND an American! The Last Night of the Proms culminates 58 nights of music and is an amazing spectacle - she was also witty, entertaining - fabulous!!


As a woman who has tried both bioidentical and FDA approved HRT I am shocked by the misleading and quite frankly, slanderous spin of this article. I could write a novel about the years I tried to help my body get through menopause with chemical "equivalents". I could write another novel about how a Naturopathic physician who prescribed compounded BHRT (in cream form, which is better absorbed than pill form) helped me feel like a vibrant woman again, not some nut job bouncing off walls, growing facial hair and a penis from the one-size-fits-all FDA approved horse urine therapy. But I will simply say this, your story is blatantly irresponsible and will only serve to get more women interested in drugs, which will help the FDA to achieve its goal of tapping into that $2.5 billion dollar biodentical "industry". The government needs to get its hands off of my body and moreover, my constitutional right to choose what I put into it. Thank you very much, I'll pick yams over pregnant horse urine every time.

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