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Right on the Money
Recently I had to renew my passport. When I compared my new photo with the one from 10 years ago, I saw for myself just how much I have aged! It was a very sobering experience. Then I read Jenny Allen’s piece in your March edition ("Has Anybody Seen My Lost Looks?"). It was right on the money, but better yet, it made me laugh out loud. I’m going to store it alongside my new passport so I can keep
my perspective.
Sharon Loftspring

Laughing ‘til Tears

I cry easily. Any sappy 30-second commercial has me blinking away tears. I also laugh easily. And often. And loudly. But very rarely do I laugh until I cry, which is what happened this morning when I read "Has Anybody Seen My Lost Looks" by Jenny Allen. The girl nailed it.
Marcia Hill
White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Rolling on the Floor
My hat is off to Jenny Allen. I boarded a plane, having just left my best friend’s side following the tragic death of her husband. My heart was laden with sadness and I was in desperate need of distraction. I started flipping through the March issue and came upon "Has Anybody Seen My Lost Looks?" It wasn’t long before I was practically "ROFL." Funniest thing I’ve read in a very long time!
Jan Ballman
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tax Talk
This is the only magazine I read front to back and back to front. I buy products based on your ads and articles. I find myself writing this to you to express my disappointment in one line you wrote. "Who wants to pay school taxes when your kids are no longer in the system?". . . . I understand the context of your article about downsizing and the empty nest. But please do not disregard the future adults who will carry on for us and care for us in our "elder years."
Carol Bechtel 
Euclid, Ohio 

editor’s note: Let me clarify: I believe everyone should pay their taxes and I have always paid mine. We all have to do our part to support public services. Perhaps what I should have written is, "Suburban school taxes are so high that if you don’t have kids in the system, you probably need to face up to the empty nester’s big question: Do you love your home and community so much that you’ll stay regardless of the cost—or is it time to move someplace where the taxes are more affordable?" – Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor in Chief 

Just in Time
Your article about the Eco-Atkins diet was just in time ("Like Atkins, Only Healthier," March 2010)! My daughter has been encouraging me to try a vegan diet, but it seemed so daunting. But after reading your story, I had several ideas for how I can incorporate more vegetarian and vegan foods into my daily routine. Thank you for giving me the tools that I need to try a greener—and hopefully leaner—lifestyle.
Patricia Moore
Winchester, Virginia

Remember the 80s
Just received my March issue of More and once again, the fashion and makeup sections seem to end at women in their 60’s. There are many of us in our 70’s who would appreciate your extending your age line into the 80’s. Please consider it in future issues. Thanks. Otherwise I enjoy the magazine.
A. Schmitt
Branford, Connecticut

It’s Really Okay
I just wanted to thank you for running the "Living La Vida Solo" article in your latest issue. . . . I am 46 and have never been married. So how refreshing and uplifting indeed to read what these woman had to say about their own single situations. I felt a shift inside, a release, a reassurance that the single life I’m living—and have been living—is really okay. And I needed that.
Lee Gallagher
Columbus, Ohio

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Nikki Holt02.24.2011

When I saw Bridget Moynahan on this months issue I couldn't wait to read the interview, it did not disappoint!!! I have always been a huge fan of hers and even more so now! The whole article was just so honest and real, which I don't feel always comes across in celebrity stories. It's going to be my sincere pleasure to follow her star right to the very top, exactly where she belongs! My mom receives this magazine, but I enjoy stealing it from her every month! Keep featuring inspiring, authentic cover girls!

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