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The Female Gender
I have just been reading the March issue of More and I simply must comment on the choice of words for the title of the article on page 130. The title is, "Living La Vida Solo." It really should be, "Living La Vida Sola," for two reasons. First, ‘sola’ is the correct adjective agreement for the feminine Spanish word ‘vida.’ As the title is a play on the expression, "Living La Vida Loca," you can see how the agreement works. Second, this is a women’s magazine, so let’s keep the focus on the feminine please!
Liza Dufresne
Boston, Massachusetts

Growing Tired of It
Almost 10 years ago (about the time I was turning 40), I thought someone played a trick on me, signing me up for your magazine. Trick or not, I loved it! I have been a faithful follower however (sadly) I’m growing tired of your magazine and let me explain why. When I received your March 2010 issue, I noticed more and more (no pun intended) advertisements. I know this is necessary, however started to count just how many. You have 37 pages of advertisements in your first 62 pages of articles and by the time I got to page 88 in this issue, I was able to count 50 advertisements!!! Also on page 38 you tell me to "consider updating" my classic clothes with a $935 dress and a $1,195 blazer. What market are you going after?? I cannot afford these things, most women like myself who are working and have bills to pay cannot. Why the change …what happened to targeting us women over 40 …the average women making a living and raising our family and telling us how to save, how to go after life with a passion and how to bond with each other??

Okay, off my soapbox. I’m just disappointed the direction you have taken. I have a few years left on my subscription, so I can only hope you will change. Thankfully I only had to flip 12 pages in (9 pages of which were advertisements) to get to the "Editor’s Letter" which is my favorite part of your entire magazine. Lesley Jane Seymour still keeps it real….
Jan Pergament
Livonia, Michigan

Life in the “What’d You Say?” Lane
One million "thank-you’s" to Beth Levine for her article entitled "What’d you say?" The impact of hearing loss on one’s life is immeasurable. Ms. Levine brings light to the importance of not only getting your hearing tested, but doing something about it if a hearing deficit is detected. Thank you for portraying hearing aids as a valuable tool for enhancing one’s quality of life. Thank you, also, for referencing credible organizations such as The American Speech Language and Hearing Association. . . . Hearing loss is invisible, painless, and, therefore, often overlooked.
Aaron T. Gale
Royal Oak, Michigan

Counting the Years
Regarding "Long term relationships…in Hollywood" (pg. 26), Harrison Ford was married to his first wife for 15 years and his second for 21 years. What is "long term" about a 7-year "relationship" that isn’t deep enough for a marriage commitment? At least they are engaged, now. I hope the best for Sandra Bullock but 5 years isn’t long term. If 25 years was the best you could find, perhaps the article should be in the absence of long term relationships in Hollywood.
Beth Johnston
Shelton, Washington

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Nikki Holt02.24.2011

When I saw Bridget Moynahan on this months issue I couldn't wait to read the interview, it did not disappoint!!! I have always been a huge fan of hers and even more so now! The whole article was just so honest and real, which I don't feel always comes across in celebrity stories. It's going to be my sincere pleasure to follow her star right to the very top, exactly where she belongs! My mom receives this magazine, but I enjoy stealing it from her every month! Keep featuring inspiring, authentic cover girls!

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