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by MORE readers

I was feeling lost when I received the March issue of More magazine and here it was, an article that described my life and how I feel: "Fired at 50". . . . I came from South America to go to college and I learned English as I was attending school. I got hired by an international company in Atlanta and they sponsored me for a Green Card because I had potential and I was their hardest working employee! I moved to Fortune 500 companies and I moved my way up, not worrying about my ethnicity (I am Chinese and speak Spanish), my imperfect use of the English language, or the fact that I am a woman. But here I am not working and yes, I wondered what I did wrong. I will do what the women in your articles did, I will persevere, pick up the pieces and be successful again, in my own terms. Thank you for the article, it inspired me.
Karina Lung
Atlanta, Georgia

I Have Little Sympathy
Having just read "Fired at 50" (pg. 68), I suggest the women in your article start focusing on how fortunate they are, and get off the antidepressants. Having lost my job at 64, after 39 years with the same company, I now volunteer two afternoons a week for C.A.S.H. (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) filing income tax returns for low income (under $42,000) families. I have little sympathy for someone who "had to give up her Manhattan apartment and move into her summer home in New Jersey," or "can no longer afford to pay cash for her daughter’s last 3 years at Smith College." Every day I see women (and men) who are working at low paying jobs or living solely on unemployment, trying to support their children, perhaps going to school nights while working days, often having no healthcare. They are struggling just to put food on the table. Wake up, ladies. You may have lost a very good source of income but, for you, life is still darn good!
Faye Casey
Fairport, New York

Past 56
What a delight that More finally recognized that women are beautiful and active past 56 with this spotlight on the founder of Essie! I have been a subscriber for over three years and find that More consistently ignores those of us in our 60s in its articles. While More does include beauty tips for women in their 60s, I feel most of your articles and fashion suggestions are focused on women in their 40s and 50s.  Please include more information for those of us in our 60s who are reinventing ourselves as we transition to part time work and adjust to retirement incomes, but still want to look stylish and be able to travel. 
St. Petersburg, Florida 

Never Been Married and Never Been Happier!
Thank you for the great article! At 42, I’ve never been married and never been happier! I enjoy my life thoroughly. After working in the hospice field for 12 years, I’ve recently started my own baking business. I travel when and where I want, and my calendar is filled with dates, social events and vacations. I date successful, intelligent men who respect my independence and give me my space. Leave it to More magazine for finally letting others realize it really is okay to be fabulous and single!!!
Dana Vigilante
Nutley, NJ

I’ll be the first to agree that Veronica Webb is absolutely gorgeous and does justice to every outfit in your March feature, "Webb Master." But I don’t buy More Magazine to see how beautiful, slender women who look fantastic in anything dress; I buy it to learn how I as a forty-something with a lot to be proud of and a few things to conceal should dress. The Michael Kors dress on page 106 was the final straw: I cannot imagine any woman I know age 40 or older looking anything but ridiculous in that dress… anyone except Veronica Webb, that is. Factor in the $2,200 price tag and really? You have got to be kidding me.
Ruth Shure
Glendale, CA

Deaf to "Law and Order"

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Nikki Holt02.24.2011

When I saw Bridget Moynahan on this months issue I couldn't wait to read the interview, it did not disappoint!!! I have always been a huge fan of hers and even more so now! The whole article was just so honest and real, which I don't feel always comes across in celebrity stories. It's going to be my sincere pleasure to follow her star right to the very top, exactly where she belongs! My mom receives this magazine, but I enjoy stealing it from her every month! Keep featuring inspiring, authentic cover girls!

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