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I wanted to assure your writer Beth Levine that one should never judge one’s hearing capabilities on "Law and Order." EVERYONE mumbles on that show! I am totally deaf in one ear, and I hear every other show on television, so I’ve given up on that one. Hear that, Director?
Amanda Abel
Sherman Oaks, CA

Home Is Wherever I Am Standing
I am a subscriber and have been for years. I must say that one of the pleasures in opening your magazine is reading the "Editor’s Letter" and seeing your photo. The photo of you is amazing. You look intelligent, thoughtful, concerned, mature. . . I could go on, but it’s a photo that puts me at peace whenever I look at it.

As to why I am emailing you, I loved what you wrote about "home." My mother was married five times and, to be honest, I could not keep track of my last name and where we lived, but now that I am 57 years old and reflect on my adult past, I cannot help but laugh because when I went to New York City my first time, people asked me "where is your home" and I replied "I feel like I am at home now." When I went to Noblesville, Indiana and lived there for a few months, a friend asked where is your home and I responded again "I feel like this is my home." Throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that home is wherever I am. Yes, I was born in Venice Beach, California and love Los Angeles like I love my country, but I have found, quite honestly, that home is wherever I am standing.

I have no college education, so I hope I was able to make you understand what I am trying so hard to say. I love your magazine, and, yes, I feel at home while reading it. Keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time to read this email when you must have so many other important things to do.
Lolly Hellman
Venice Beach, CA

Singling Out Susan
After reading Susan Dominus’ article "Living La Vida Solo", I turned my eyes upward and said out loud… FINALLY. Finally an article that supports single women. There’s nothing wrong with being married, but there’s also nothing wrong with being single, whether by choice or not. I wish American society was not so couple/marriage oriented. I never understood why most people think there’s something "wrong" with you if you’re not married. We can be happy, social and fulfilled being single. Thanks Susan!
Janice Stief
West Grove, Pennsylvania

Congratulations on "100 Spring Essentials at Under $200," featuring smart clothing at truly reasonable prices. Fashion magazines that call a $750 blouse or a $2,000 handbag a "steal!" disdain the average American woman— and show how out of touch they are with reality.

Webb Master had few of the promised to-die-for fashions in cobalt and blue; the blurb and photos did not seem to match. Otherwise March was a superior issue!
JP Greene
Yakima, Washington

Who is MORE For?
I became interested in subscribing to More because the magazine appealed to my age group rather than just the 20 and 30 somethings. Since subscribing, though, I’ve been very disappointed in your publication. Your narrow demographic seems to be middle aged feminists with powerful careers and liberal political leanings. In "Politics and Power" (March 2010), the writer couldn’t wait to denigrate several Republican politicians in describing their indiscretions. Where was the equal treatment for Democrat politicians with their many sex scandals? I am a 50 something married mom with 3 teenaged children and a Master’s degree, trying to get back into the job market. I am also a conservative with a strong religious faith. To alienate me and the millions in my group severly limits your readership! Please cancel my subscription.
Gail Mackensen
Franklin, Wisconsin

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Nikki Holt02.24.2011

When I saw Bridget Moynahan on this months issue I couldn't wait to read the interview, it did not disappoint!!! I have always been a huge fan of hers and even more so now! The whole article was just so honest and real, which I don't feel always comes across in celebrity stories. It's going to be my sincere pleasure to follow her star right to the very top, exactly where she belongs! My mom receives this magazine, but I enjoy stealing it from her every month! Keep featuring inspiring, authentic cover girls!

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