We Hear You - May issue

Readers respond to the May issue

by More.com Editors

Inspiration from Maryland
I was so moved by your editor’s letter this month. I was the oldest at home when my father separated from my mother. I’ll never forget the times she’d have a horrible argument with him on the phone, flee the house in tears and drive off into the night. I became adept at crafting cover stories to reassure my younger brother and two younger sisters. Fortunately, Mom always returned in one piece and my parents eventually remarried. And just as you did, I forgave them both after realizing they were flawed, imperfect human beings just doing the best they could.
Kathleen Koch

Proud Male Subscriber
Dear Lesley, I’m a proud male subscriber, avid reader and lover of MORE magazine since its beginning. My subscription magazine had a different cover for Jamie Lee, several small photos of her, and in the bookstore the cover had one picture of her on the cover which looked so gorgeous I bought it!!! I love to see Jamie Lee on your cover. I’m a guy of style and substance, and I love women the same way, which is why I love your gorgeous magazine each month. Keep the lovely issues coming!!! Can you put Hillary on an upcoming issue? You had her before as an alpha girl, and she is mine, I adore her!
Mike K.
Utica, NY

New Faces Please
I have been a reader of More for several years and thoroughly enjoy your product. I would, however, like to see some new faces on the covers, as you seem to repeat more often than not. Props to all the ladies on the previous covers, but there are many more 40plus women that would be fascinating to read about, such as Melissa Etheridge, Felicity Huffman and Sandra Lee, to name a few. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Teri Lester-Rharbi
Los Banos, CA

Still Young Over 40
Dear Lesley… let me say I love More. It is so refreshing to have a quality magazine targeted toward women over 40. For years, it seemed magazines forgot there are millions of energetic, intelligent and fun-loving women still young over 40. So thank you for what you give us each month.
Keryl Pesce

Survival, Prosperity and Reconciliation
Dear Lesley, Reading your editor’s letter in the May More issue had my mouth agape! I was reading my story. The story of me as a 12 year old caring for my little sister and my Mother who took to her bed after my Father left her and there she stayed in her pajamas for the next 5 years. Instead of doing all the things teens do I was relegated to being a caregiver. I deeply resented that my friends had normal lives. Little did we know about depression in the 60’s but Prozac certainly would have saved her! I yearned to live with my Father but he married a woman who was very jealous of my relationship with him. Unfortunately there was no boarding school for me but a young boyfriend whom I married way too young to escape the situation with my Mother. Out of the frying pan and into the fire! I am happy to say that I survived and prospered with a long career, a different and very good husband of 30 years, and I was able to reconcile with my Mother before her death at age 66. I do believe for all the burdens in my early life, God has taken care of me in my later life with wonderful loving people to care for, and that care for me. I wish you the same. Best regards,
Barbara Tedesco

Brave and Beautiful
Ms. Seymour, Your May Editor’s letter was brave and beautiful. And a part of me cried for that young girl who took on so many adult responsibilities. It seems that you came through this storm intact, but nonetheless it is hard to live this and also hard to write in a major national publication about something so personal.

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