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Readers respond to the May issue

by More.com Editors

Babysitting Over a Wine List
Reading about Fran Drescher’s preference in dating younger men in a magazine devoted to lifestyles of women over 40 is like finding a recipe for a veal dish in a vegetarian magazine. As a middle aged man who constantly looks for ways to reinvent himself, I occasionally read More. I am inspired by the stories about women who do not settle in their middle years, but continually redefine themselves. Sure I may have one eye on that retirement home in Florida, but along the way I hope to hike to the base of the Grand Canyon, and finally have that book of poetry published. I know your readers are going to say this is payback, that older men have been dating younger women for years. But when there are so many spectacular people over forty doing so much with their lives, babysitting someone over a wine list doesn’t sound like much of a date.
Francesco Pasqualino
Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania

Refreshingly Honest
Hi Lesley, About a year ago, I was on the fence about whether I wanted to keep getting More, and then I read the editor’s letter. The way you talked about your house, the work you had done on it, your family … well, it drew me in. I kept getting More, and with this May issue, you still surprise me. Your willingness to be transparent in a world that criticizes honesty and categories people and issues is refreshing. The fact that you don’t write a “hard-selling” opener as most editor-in-chiefs do is commendable, and now I like seeing what you have to say. You have mastered the ability to share yourself and invite readers to dive into the magazine so beautifully! Kudos for being different!
Olga E. Plant
Wanted: Glasses Advice
I wear glasses and would love an article on not only the best frames for women over 40 but how to accessorize with jewelry, hair, etc. I love your magazine and read it cover to cover!

Dear Lesley,
Wow! You struck a chord that brought tears to my eyes as I read your editorial. While my mother’s depression wasn’t as sever as your mother’s seemed to be (we had dinner on the table every night at 6 when my dad came home from work), there was little closeness with my mother. She didn’t even speak to me about reaching puberty; she had a friend of hers discuss it with me. And there were instances of her forgetting to pick me up from the pool when I had been there all day. It was only after she died that we learned about the different medications she was taking— a combination she shouldn’t have been prescribed, including some drugs that she should have only used in conjunction with therapy. 
My last conversation with my mother took place when she was in the hospital after her cancer came back and she had given up. She was full of anger, which at that time was directed at me, though usually it was directed at my dad. I’ve forgiven her. She did the best she could. Dr Phil put it a way that only he can, "You’ve got to rise above your raising." Your parents did the best they could and if it wasn’t perfect, then we should strive to improve on what they gave us.
Marjorie Welsh

Smart, Refreshing and Useful
The May issue with Jamie Lee Curtis on the cover is amazing! I’m a new subscriber and when I first saw the cover, I thought – wow – this is unique and interesting. It wasn’t the usual cover I see on other magazines with one model and too many bullet points and headlines. The content this month was great and I wanted to say thank you for creating a magazine that is smart, refreshing and useful. I’ve been waiting for a magazine like this.
Patty Huang

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