We Hear You - May issue

Readers respond to the May issue

by More.com Editors

I am a 77-year-old married man with two daughters and five grandchildren. I receive Money, Consumers Report and Car and Driver. But, I wanted to let you know that the MORE magazine my wife receives is the one that I look forward to reading the most. Naturally, I don’t get to read it first so I just wait my turn. We have both of our daughters receiving MORE also. However, the real purpose of the message is to let you know how much I enjoy reading your editor letter. You are so open about your life and your experiences that when I start to read the magazine the first thing I do is turn to your letter.

By my reading your article and some of the other articles in all the other issues I find that no matter who you are or what you do, somewhere along the way we all share some of the same common concerns. Thank you for helping us all to understand this.

I would hope that more men would take the time to read your magazine and learn more about the women that they are married to or live with. And also find out just how tough women are and what they go through at some point in their life. Thank you.
Phil Del Nagro
Naperville, Illinois

Things Changed
Dear Lesley, I can’t tell you how much this issue of More magazine has meant to me. After 25 years of an unbelievably close bond with my youngest daughter, things changed (with her) last July. Now the relationship is very distant and strained. I have been devastated and thought I was the only mom who had to deal with something like this, but after reading your editorial and the article by Jamie Lee Curtis, I felt much better. I just hope that, in time, my daughter… will someday see me with different eyes. Thank you.
Gayle Fischer

A Wonderful, Honest and Pretty Lady
Wow. This has got to be one of the very best issues I have ever received!!!!!! I think Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most down-to-earth ladies I have ever seen. I do think her beautiful mother would be so proud to see how she has grown into such a wonderful, honest and pretty lady. . . . Like mother, like daughter. Thank you for this sweet and thoughtful article. I have decided to let my hair go gray. Jamie Lee is my inspiration!!!! Her beautiful mother was one of my favorite actresses. Thank you, again.
Nancy Carter
Tyler, Texas

Saying it Out Loud
Hi Lesley, You said it out loud. Your issues with your mom. Your words reverberated with me. You were so brave to talk so candidly and truthfully. My story is similar but I never talk about it – I just keep trying to always keep it behind me. I left for college and never went home again. . . .
Anne Westbury
Orangeburg, South Carolina

Women Who Go or Stay Gray
While I love reading your More Magazine, I find that the magazine has a strong aversion to gray-haired models and fashions and styling tips catering to a gray-haired woman. As a woman in her late 40’s, I have embraced my natural hair’s progression from carefree youth to earned wisdom which I inherited from my Polish grandmother. I would love to see More articles especially on how to make the most of this head of hair as it pertains to fashion and style. I am even willing to be a Tim Gunn candidate in order to re-vamped with clothing and hair-style. But I will not color my hair!

The recent article on Jamie Lee Curtis was great as she is a celebrity who has made the decision to stay true to herself. There are lots of other women out there who have this same attitude but they have been met by criticism by their female peer-group for their choice to follow nature’s course. I must say that nothing is worse than seeing a bad coloring job on a lovely forty year old woman who is still trying to look like she is twenty five. I think that a well-fashioned outfit could make one look her best for her forty plus age using her natural hair color as a fashion accessory.

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