We Hear You - May issue

Readers respond to the May issue

by More.com Editors

Thank you for considering adding strands of gray throughout More Magazine more frequently. I know I will appreciate the information as well as others who are considering the choice to go and/or stay gray.
Alexis Schroeder
Oakland, California

And Then…
Hi, Lesley. I had decided to let my MORE subscription lapse and then I received my May issue. Your column and Jamie Lee Curtis’s article are what changed my mind.
Celeste Rubanick

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
About three weeks ago I was complaining to my husband for the 100th time of what I was sure were side effects of the antidepressants I had been on for years. A few days later I picked up a copy of More and read "Learning to Trust Myself" by Leslie Egnuss. I showed it to my husband saying, "This is me!" I went to the doctor who ordered an MRI and I did indeed have multiple sclerosis! I am so grateful for this article. I can now get appropriate treatment and hopefully feel better. Thank you so much!
Diana Kubec
Denver, Colorado

She Did the Best She Could
Lesley, Thank you for your "editor’s letter" of May 2010! I have been a More reader since its onset. I’m now a semi retired 66 year old teacher working in retail at Talbots a few days a week. I am writing because your letter struck such a chord with me. At 11 years old in 1954, my mother suffered a complete mental breakdown after learning her life savings had been misspent by my stepfather. After 6 months of hospitalization and shock treatments, she came home a strange and different person unlike the one I had previously known. Like you, I adapted in my own way of dealing with my "weird" mother, often feeling ashamed and embarrassed by it all. Fortunately, I was able to go to college and create my own family with a man from a "perfect" family. My life has been quite blessed and different from my mother’s, with two lovely daughters, 7 grandsons and a beautiful adopted granddaughter from Guatemala. Mental illness has still plagued my life, though, with my brother committing suicide at 40. Without the help of therapy and a deep religious faith and a loving husband, I don’t know how I would have been able to cope with it all. Thank you for sharing. It helps so very much to know there are others with a similar story, and I too realize my mother "did the best she could."
Janet Byrd

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