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by More.com Editors

Most Importantly: Love
Thanks Lesley, Your letter clearly hits the chord with me. Like you but a little older, almost 60, my family got divorced too when I was 7. Being an only had its further difficulties, no siblings to share the pain, and uncertainty that crept in during the day and night. My mother, educated at both Smith and Wellesley, an editor and writer but never truly a parent, taught me "fit yourself for something". That was her gift. But my special aunt Merle taught me about nature, giving, and, most importantly, love. I guess the message is there are others in our lives who share their gifts to help us become whole. Best,
Anna S. Whitcomb

Flying the Flag for Fabulous Women (Quirks and All)
Dear Heavens! I am vindicated, validated and elated. I am not alone in the universe and there are more sisters out there like me who can’t remember the vast majority of their life! It has been the bane of my existence that I cannot remember family incidents, time lines or so many of the events of my life – never mind the mundane such as the year children and family members were born, grandchildren’s ages and sometimes middle names! I could go on and on (if I could remember what about). I love MORE, it was a good day when I picked up the first issue, whenever that was. Keep the flag flying for all us fabulous women, with all our interesting quirks, we are an infinitely diverse bunch who will provide an unending, fascinating subject matter. Gratefully,
Susan Fallon

Womanhood, Motherhood, Passion and Courage
Hi Lesley, The article on Mother, Goosed was hilarious. It made my day. I particularly liked the way Caroline Rhea feels about having her baby after 40. I too feel the same. . . . Just like she says, I feel the love of my life is really my daughter.

Also, your article on The Most Dangerous Women in the World struck a chord with me. I am amazed to know that there are so many women from different countries of the world, especially third world countries, that fight for women’s causes. I thought my birth country was the worst to treat women as second class citizens. But reading this made me realize that these are worse. Like the article points out many women don’t know their rights. But I also believe that there are many educated women, who know their rights, but will not fight it. Mainly because of family pressures, culture and background of the society they live in. Many will not take or make the initiative. I am glad these countries have these kinds of women, made me feel proud being a woman. I hope that other third world countries will follow these great women to make the world a better place for future generations to come.

Thank you for More and I really like May issue better than the April one. I hope that the next issue is as good as this one. Thank you.
Meshe Nair
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Spectacular Talent
Gawd, I wish someone would hire Jamie Lee Curtis to act – with Lucie Arnaz, Carrie Fisher and Lorna Luft. They’re spectacularly talented women who deserve more than children’s books, memoirs, yogurt commercials, club acts, TV documentaries about their parents, a one-woman show about overdosing and a two-women concert with a dead mother on a giant screen!
Maureen Morrison
Tetonia, Idaho

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