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By the MORE.com Editors

First of all, the cover title of the "Most Hated Woman in America" should belong to another person. Nancy Pelosi is a powerful woman with excellent skills. She may be controversial, but she certainly doesn’t deserve to be hated for doing her job well. And if she is hated, I can only hope that the majority of the people who feel that way are men. If not then, I am saddened by the idea that American women have forgotten what so many of our sisters have fought for and been persecuted for in the past, namely respect and equality as vital contributors to society.
I think a much better candidate for the “Most Hated Woman in America” title is Sarah Palin. This is a woman who gives women a bad name. The fact that I share her gender makes me cringe! She is a barbarian. How any thinking woman can support her in any way astounds me. Sarah Palin cares about one thing and one thing only, Sarah Palin.
Hedi Lee
Hixson, TX

I had a hearty chuckle at the irony of the title you selected in your October issue, "The Most Powerful Woman in U.S. History."  You chose to highlight Nancy Pelosi’s comment, "I always say to the Republican women, ‘Take back your party.’  We need a strong, viable Republican party in the country, not a fringe element."  Clearly Mrs. Pelosi hasn’t looked in the mirror lately.
Marianne Harmon
Severna Park, MD

I always read MORE from front to back cover and love this magazine. However, in the picture on page 159 of Nancy Pelosi’s meeting, it was extremely sad to see the two women on the right hand side looking at their cell phones. Their behavior shows a total disrespect for Ms. Pelosi in that they prefer to look at their messages instead of listening to what Ms. Pelosi had to say. Since when can staffers or representatives show so little disregard for the other people, subject matter and environment that they cannot wait one or two hours to check their phones?
Sad that a picture like that had to be distributed to thousands of subscribers who see that these two women don’t have any manners nor the decency to put their cell phone toys away during a meeting. It also is a complete distraction to anyone looking at the picture and Ms. Pelosi is no longer the focus of the picture.
Colette Jaccard
I have been a reader of your magazine for several years and have been satisfied with it until I received my October issue.  I find it very politically motivated by running an article about Nancy Pelosi just before the November election.  Although I am a woman, I do not have the same beliefs that this woman is a political power-house in Washington. Her approvals ratings are through the floor and there is no way after the way she has reacted to the recent events in Congress and the current administration that I hold her in any high regard. I feel your magazine is taking sides on the political spectrum in Washington and I will definitely re-think my renewing of your magazine.  Please believe that there are also conservative women that read your magazine and probably feel the same way I do.
Karen Petzold
South Lyon, MI

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Ms. Pelosi’s politics, it is not illogical to label a person communist and Nazi. Both positions are left from the center. NAZI stands for National Socialists and the position is slightly right of Communism, but assuredly left of center and far left of right-wing approaches to government. This would lean more towards a Constitutionalist or perhaps Libertarian stripe.
Your editorial staff is usually sharper than this.  I am surprised this lapse of simple vocabulary made its way into the final version of the story.
Dr. Lori Puterbaugh
Seminole, FL

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